The Man Behind the Xenophobic Attacks

The xenophobic attacks did not come as a surprise. What is surprising however is that Nigerians are calling for the South African government to take action. Take action against who? Taking action will be akin to self sabouteuring.

There is an election coming up and once again the blood of innocent migrants are required by the ANC to appease the gods of South African democracy.

For the past several years there has been a troubling pattern of political authorities labelling migrants as the main reason for their failure to deliver on their electoral promises to the people, and the uneducated South Africans buy into this lie hook, line and sinker.

Footage of South Africa’s President whipping up xenophobic sentiments against migrants

Recently Mr. Aaron Motsoaledi, the Minister of Health in South Africa said Nigerians and Kenyans are taking up all the jobs as doctors, and argued South Africa must re-evaluate its immigration policy in order to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country and stealing jobs in highly specialized professional fields , ignoring the fact that black South Africans are among the least educated in the medical professional field. These doctors are filling the gap left by white South African who left the country with their expertise as hate sentiments increased. With the Afrikaans gone they now blame mihrants.

Ironicallt these doctors save South African lives and do not in anyway put such a burden on the public healthcare system.

Enter Mr. Mosiuoa Lekota, one of the opposition leaders that publicly promised that if his party formed a coalition government after this year’s general elections, it would push for refugees and illegal immigrants to be placed in camps, to the cheering of the crowd at a political convention.

In his own words :

Foreign nationals were being allowed to ‘flood’ the country, they now constituted the majority of the people who occupied buildings in cities like Johannesburg.

Such exaggerations from South African politicians are irresponsible and extremely dangerous since they give credence to the belief that South Africa is overrun by foreigners who are stealing local jobs and putting a strain on services.

Just eight months ago during the ANC manifesto launch, we have the President of South Africa vowing to crack down on businesses operating illegally in townships and rural areas. Consequently, after his speech the police started to harass migrant and refugee traders in Mpumalanga Province.

These politically motivated sentiments have cost the lives of many and destruction of properties. The South African government cannot feign displeasure at what they orchestrated. Making diplomatic platitudes is senseless. The African Union should hold the South African government responsible for the reprehensible politically motivated hate crimes they have encouraged.


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