South Africa on the BRINK !!

Welcome to South Africa, where dodging matchette weilding mobs have become an all too common part of life for migrants. This country, once Africa’s most mature and sophisticated democracy is on the edge of anarchy and watching it deteriorate is deeply disturbing.



The frightening thought though is that this primitive violence against migrants mutates to a point where reprisal attacks against South African investments across the continent become targets.


South Africa and Nigeria have long been regarded as the continent’s two superpowers and when you look into the size of both economies, the description has never felt so apt. Both countries account for %40 of the continent’s GDP.

What began as a mass display of public anger against criminal activities of Nigerians has escalated way beyond anyones imagination.


No one here is calling the shots. These are faceless, leaderless angry mobs. An army of locals who have mobilized themselves through social media.




You’ve gotta ask how much longer can the African Union allow this to the happen. There has to be some sort of breaking point.

When Arphatheid South Africa gave back control of the economy to the locals, South Africa was basically a quasi second world nation with first world characteristics. It had first world infrastructure and an economic model that incentified hardwork, entrepreneurship and innovation.

The ANC rather than continue this sound capitalist economic model chose to become a wellfare party, by offering too many free benefits to people not willing to work, fuelling their sense of entitlement as blacks.

The unemployment and welfare numbers in South Africa is stagering. This misguided economic policies of the last decade has nearly wiped out what was once Africa’s most prosperous middle class and has created one of the world’s most unequal society.

The politicians rather than take responsibilty went on a maniacal focus on identity politics marketed under racial banners of social justice. Its the white mans fault. They blame the whites and attempt a Zimbabwe style land grab. Forcibly seizing land from white landowners, forcing many to flee South Africa to Russia, Australia, the United States and the UK, and when they flee they leave with their expertise.

The economic consequences of this brain drain of potential job creators only plunged the nation deeper into unemployment and economic misery of the average South African waiting for government handouts. The government’s refusal to take responsibility led to a psychotic fixation on migrants, especially the most successful ones –


It’s fervent denial dictates that Nigerians are evil for running successful enterprises while the locals sit on their hands waiting for government welfare. They blame Nigerians for taking their jobs, stealing their women, selling drugs. Its become a social paranoia masked as an economic protest.


The ANC in itself represents the inherent danger of the one party system. Just like the CCP in China, the ANC is all about the power of the party and no longer represents the people or even attempts to make a faux stab at it. It now caters for the powerful and avoids the working people all together.

They get votes from the people by convincing them they are victimized by whites, by migrants, by Nigerians. That is the extent of their ideas – VICTIMIZATION.

Nigerian burnt alive in South Africa

Being burnt alive is the most painful way to die. What sort of primitive people burn a human alive with the crowds cheering on and the police doing nothing but enjoy the scene? The lethargic response by the South African authorities to the barbarity netted against Africans shows it is a welcome distraction for the ANC.

I was against Nigeria’s entry into the Africa Free Trade Agreement because the African Union is nothing but a joke. The silence of the African Union to this barbarity that now happens every year shows it is no longer relevant because it has become nothing but the ministry of do nothing.


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