North Korean government delegation en route to Nigeria: KCNA

A Group led by Vice Premier Ri Ryong Nam departed Saturday morning on a secrete visit to Nigeria in June 2019 state media reported. Details of the visit remains a secrete.

We should recall that in 2014 North Korea offered to sell Nigeria advanced missile technology. That opportunity was of course wasted by the inexperience of the Vice President Atiku Abubakar and the entire Foreign Affairs Department when the Vice President announced publicly that a North Korean delegation came to Nigeria wanting a memorandum of understanding signed with Nigeria toward developing missile technology, and training and manufacture of ammunition.

This unfortunate and premature publicly disclosure killed the deal in an instant. A sale would have marked the first time that such technology will have been introduced into sub-Saharan Africa and we blew it. This disclosure sparked a rift between the Office of the President and Vice President.

The United States, which was trying to undercut the North’s ability to sell missile and nuclear technology around the world threatened Nigeria with sanctions if Abuja strikes a deal with Pyongyang. This threat was followed up by Framce who issued a stern warning that a sale of such technology to Nigeria raises the prospect of a costly new arms race among some of the world’s poorest and least-stable nations and will not be tolerated.

The rest is history.


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