Drums of War: Nigerian troops Kill Cameroonian Soldier, Arrests 12 !

For years Cameroonian and Chadians soldiers crossed into Nigerian territory and carry out military action on Nigerian soil without prior authorization. In the case of Chad, Nigeria’s Directorate of Defence (DOD) in December 2015 warned the Chadian government it would take tougher stance against cross border attack, The Chadians appeared to heed the warning and stopped all unauthorized incursion into Nigerian territory.

With Cameroon the reverse was the case, Buoyed by Nigeria’s past passivity and American military presence in the country, Cameroonian soldiers on numerous occasions cross into Nigerian territory in hot pursuit of Boko Haram fighters. In two instances Cameroonian Elite BIR troops razed an entire village to the ground. In another incident Cameroonian gendarmes killed 71 Nigerian villagers and burnt an entire village before casually crossing back over the border into Cameroon, Repeated warnings from Abuja was not heeded.

In 2007 Cameroon troops upped the ante in their attacks. In FEBRUARY 2017 Cameroonian soldiers stormed a village in Calabar and demanded the whereabout of Anglophone Cameroonian separatist who they accused of being given sanctuary in Nigeria. The village chief denied any knowledge of their accusations. The soldiers left with a waning that there will be consequences for their non compliance.

The next day at about 2 am residents of the Danare community in Calabar were awakened with the sound of heavy machine gun fire. HEAVILY armed Cameroonian soldiers stormed the village firing into the air, sending panic-stricken residents fleeing into the bush in confusion. Again they summoned the village chief and requests the whereabout of Southern Cameronian fugitives.

This time around the Governor of Calabar demanded action from Abuja. President Buhari sent a battalion of Nigerian soldiers to area and in a statement issued by the Ambassador issued a warned that further incursion into Nigerian territory will be met with a full retaliatory response, and Nigerian will have no choice but to secure its southern perimeter. He expressly warned Yaounde not to test Nigeria’s resolve. The Nigerian military will shoot to kill he warned.

On February 5 Nigerian army chief of staff in press released said Nigeria was under an existential threat from forces within and outside the country. He also stated that the Nigerian army had received credible intelligence, but refused to divulge what it entailed.

February 7 the Nigerian army deployed forces near the border with Cameroon.

February 9 Nigerian army surveillance aircraft spotted a group of heavily armed Cameroonian soldiers approaching Nigeria.  Upon reaching the town of Danare they were approached by Danare vigilantes who told them that they had been warned never to cross into Nigerian territory again. The Cameroonian soldiers told them they came to buy soft drinks and cigarettes and ordered them to step aside.

Vastly Outnumbered, the Danare guy obediently stepped aside. Meanwhile other guys have already gone to inform the NIGERIAN army of the presence of heavily armed Cameroonian troops in their village.

Meanwhile, sensing trouble the English-speaking commander orders a retreat. As they retreated slowly Nigerian army troops that had arrived began following them from behind, before they got to the river called Barfo. Before crossing the river into the safety of Cameroon the Nigerian soldiers popped up and ordered them to disarm themselves and hand over their weapons. The Cameronian soldiers refused and said they were already leaving Nigerian territory.

Seeing the determination etched on the faces of the Nigerian soldiers the Cameroonian soldiers took too their heels, running. The Nigerian soldiers opened fire. Scared the English-speaking commander from Cameroonian dropped to his knees and pleaded them not to shoot, but rather they should be arrested. As the commander pleaded unbeknownst to them Nigerian army tactical doctrine is based on pincer attacks. The Cameroonians were surrounded with no hope of escape. One Cameroonian soldier panicked and decide to take their chances by running. He was shot dead on the head,

Seeing their comrade dead the soldiers surrendered and handed over their weapons before they were cuffed and matched back into Nigeria.


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