Part 2: Nigeria. Enemy Within

The proposal for the creation of a United States of Africa died with Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi. With Libya already a failed State, if Nigeria is weakened and South Africa descends into civil war, Africa is weakened, and then we talk about dominos. AFRICA is the future. The youngest and fastest growing continent holds %70 of the worlds last mineral reserves.There are certain global elements that are working hardcore to transform Africa into some sort of New Colonialist Dependency.

The globalist will like to see the power and influence of the continent’s regional dominant powers extinguished. In Nigeria there are politicians who have actively colluded with Boko Haram. Nigeria is at this moment in the  most precarious of position, and I dare say it might be too late. They say the cleverest thing the devil ever did was to convince people he doesn’t exist.

The cleverest thing the powers that be ever did was to convince the Nigerian people that encircling Nigeria with five drone bases stretching from Cameroon, Niger,Chad, Mali..and soon to be Benin Republic, a Strategic Military Defence Treaty with Ghana and a proposed listening facility in Benin, two Squadron of Mirage 2000 fighters from France, all within the space of three years, was nothing to worry about.

The billions of American tax payers dollars spent in erecting these facilities is nothing but a goodwill gesture by America to help countries that the vast majority of Americans cannot find on a map even with a gun to their head.

Are there enemies in and around this country working to destroy this country?  The answer is an emphatic YES. Though many are loathed to admit it, Nigeria has been and still is most benevolent and benign power in the modern history of Africa. To put this into perspective let us examine Nigeria’s foreign policy and political borders


First of all its prudent to acknowledge the fact that the artificial international boundaries inherited from colonialism has given room for territorial disputes and the existing boundary conflict in West Africa are an endemic feature of Nigeria’s relations with her immediate neighbours.

DEMOCRACY is a double aged sword and might be the primary weapon used by the globalists to achieved their objective without implicating themselves. The loss of the oil rich Bakassi Peninsula, the loss of a direct access to the Atlantic by the Nigerian Navy Eastern Command in Calabar and the subsequent unprovoked attacks, harassments and murder of Nigerians on Nigerian soil by foreign elements are all happening in the longest period of civilian governance in Nigeria’s history.

Under military leaders such as General Ironsi, Gowon, Buhari, Babangida, Abacus and even Abubakar, the disputes brought a response of threats of force or aggressive use of force. It took over 200 years for America’s liberal democracy to mature to where it is today. African-Americans only earned the right to vote in the 70s. In an artificially created country like Nigeria, democracy can only thrive after a teething period. It requires decades for a country to create a quasi homogenous society for the American style democracy Nigeria has adopted. The West know this.

Even in the face of Nigeria’s overwhelming military superiority vis-a-vis its neighbours, Nigeria has been averse to employ military power to achieve her national interest, in part because of her big brother status in the region. Despite accounting for %80 of the region’s population, %90 of the region’s GDP, with Lagos state having a GDP more than twice the entire 16 ECOWAS member states combined, and a clear and undisputed military superiority. Nigeria treats the member states of ECOWAS with respect. Unlike other comparative powers, Nigeria has never disregarded her neighbours borders nor harbour expansionist ambitions.

The disharmony between Nigeria and her immediate neighbours is truly paradoxical. Nigeria has since independence demonstrated a total lack of territorial expansion at the expense of her neighbours. Instead Nigeria has pursued a policy of “good neighbourliness” towards her immediate neighbours. Yet to these countries this disposition belies a potential threat to their territorial sovereignty, and so they are very sensitive to their relations with the behemoth, Nigeria. As a consequence after funding ECOWAS for newly half a century, member states still view Nigeria with distrust.

The problem of Nigeria and her neighbours is however far more profound than in the conventional point of view. Member States are being manipulated and robbed in broad day light. It touches on this issues that are fundamentally and structurally related to the pattern of territorial politics played by the resource hungry globalist, to paint the giant Nigeria as the enemy, responsible, for crimes, violence, etc. The point is this. NIGERIA has enemies who will her weak and dishonest against it.

Most Africans think colonialism is a thing of the past and that powerful resource hungry countries on the verge of economic collapse and demographic decline will fold their arms and watch their society collapse and descend into 3rd world status while Africa sits atop the richest mineral and resource deposits anywhere on the planet, %70 of which are yet to be exploited.

In the last decade Ghana, Cameroon and Kenya have joined Angola, Libya and Nigeria as oil producers.  Africa is on track to displace the middle east as the new oil mecca as new deposits are being discovered. With the Middle East in turmoil and Iran and Russia consolidating their presence and Influence in the region, Africa is the Western world’s last and only hope for guaranteed access to crude oil. This does not take into account that %70 of the words uranium can be found in West Africa.

I have had sceptics colonialist expansion is a thing of the past. I have even been ridiculed and called a paranoid alarmist, conspiracy theorists and what have you. imperialism ended almost a century ago, so why the “obsession” about the imperialist strategy in Africa. They insist the root causes of this self-perpetuating ecosystem of domestic strife and violence is internal and not external.

Unfortunately the powers that be have done a very very good job of deceiving, not only Nigeria but Africans as whole. This couldn’t have happened if Nigeria had a strong and central all powerful figure figurehead .Nigeria’s corrupt civilian leaders have actually advanced the g lobalists agenda.

With an entire region, that’s Niger, Cameroon, Chad, Mali, Central African Republic in a seemingly never-ending circle of conflict, and the regional power Nigeria, mired in a decade long war of attrition, why will Africans care about the return of the colonialists to West Africa and building military bases and facilities in nearly every ECOWAS member state? What if Africa is being colonized again, only this time it’s indirectly?

It’s incredible only one is fighting, and the side that is getting beat up doesn’t even realise they’re in a fight. The rapid militarization of ECOWAS member states by the powers that be is like stage-1 cancer. Even in Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, Djibouti, it keeps slowly growing and will always eventually morph into terminal colonialism.

Already we are beginning to seeing snippets of what is to come. Not only are they Instigating ECOWAS member states against Nigeria, they now have the audacity to try to derail Nigeria’s war effort with incessant allegation of war crimes against the Nigerian army with zero proof. That old school colonialists that we saw with Britannia, France, is not dead, its alive and well.

Boko Haram keeps making a resurgence. No matter the magnitude of loss they suffer at the hands of the Nigerian military, they keep come back stronger and bigger in a region that is supposed to be bristling and saturated with the most sophisticated surveillance and reconnaissance systems. How does a few hundred Boko Haram evade the Nigerian army in the north-east, evade the Cameroonian army on its eastern flank,  the Nigreine and Chadian army in the northern flank, five MQ-9 Reaper drone bases scattered from Cameroon all the way to Mali, a French air base in Mali?

Boko Haram no longer hold territory. How does Boko Haram stay hidden? where do they retreat to? How do they smuggle in hundreds of foreign fighters into Nigeria without detection. Where and how do they facilitate the acquisition of anti-aircraft missile systems that shot down Nigerian Mi-34 helicopter gunships last week.

Why does this bear the hallmark of the Mujaheeden fighters in A-STAN shooting down Russian Mi-24 helicopter gunships with Stinger anti-aircraft missile system, the most advanced man portable shoulder launched anti-aircraft missile system. How did the Mujaheeden aquire and smuggle in such state of the art weaponry that cost the lives of hundreds of Russian pilots?




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