Nigeria’s national security has been betrayed by enemies within. There is a globalist movement going on in Africa and its number one target are three countries; Libya, Nigeria and South Africa.

It is stunning to findout that the same underground operation that destroyed Libya has also infiltrated Nigeria and South Africa is on the verge of its own civil strife, and possibly civil war.

Nigeria, a country that was once the resurgent giant and hope for Africa with the fastest growing major economy, a regional hegemon who’s military was once the bastion and guarantor of peace and security in the region is now on the verge of becoming a failed State. The future is this great country is now hanging in the balance. The whole of Africa, and West Africa in particular should be really very worried.

Why should they be? Well for two basic reasons. First is :


At the height of Apartheid South Africa, when the Aphatheid government enjoyed economic and technical support from the United States, France, Israel and Britannia, the Nigerian government was the apex financial and diplomatic supporter of the ANC. When oil prices fell a bit in the 70s the Nigerian government imposed a %10 tax on the salaries of all Federal workers to continue its support for the ANC, a move that was unpopular. Prominent ANC members like for South African President Thabo Mbeki and hundreds more were grants asylum in Nigeria.

When France and Israel began covertly rendering technical assistance to Apartheid South Africa in its nuclear weapons program the Nigerian government responded by building the biggest and most powerful Navy any Sub Saharan African country has even seen, and in the early 80s started its own “peaceful” nuclear research program.

brr_reactor hall
The Nigerian government signed an agreement with the Russian state-owned nuclear energy corporation last October to build and operate a nuclear power plant, the first of its kind on the continent, as well as a research centre that would house a nuclear research reactor.
The Nigerian government signed an agreement with the Russian state-owned nuclear energy corporation last October to build and operate a nuclear power plant, the first of its kind on the continent, as well as a research centre that would house a nuclear research reactor.

By the mid 80s the Nigerian government embarked on a massive program to build an air force capable enough to stand to toe with a potential adversary. A domestic aircraft production program with German technical input was started. In no time Nigeria was producing 60 Air Beetles a year.

The Nigerian Air Force also acquired two squadrons of the then state of the art British built Jaguar fighter jet. A multi-role fighter capable of air and ground attack. The speed at which these developments were happening drew unnecessary attention to Nigeria, which was then considered the leader and hope of Africa, which in itself represented a potential threat to the powers that be.

Not surprisingly it didn’t take long for them to respond. Their first target was Nigeria’s air power. In the 1983 the NAF maintained two squadrons of the MiG-21 Fishbird fighter. During the month-long war with Chad, that saw Chadian troops routed and expelled from Nigerian territory, the effectiveness and role of the Nigerian Air Power was not lost on observers. Shortly after the war the Nigerian military made a deal with BAE Systems ( then Marconi) for two Squadrons of the advanced 4th Gen Jaguar fighter jet.

The first Squadron was received in the mid 80s. But the Nigerian government was naive in thinking its rise as a growing military threat to Western interest will be tolerated. Trouble started when BAE Systems announced it will not go ahead with the delivery of a second squadron of the Jaguar fighter jets and actually made a refund.

Then Nigeria’s request for smart munitions and aerial refuelling capability was denied by BAE Systems citing human right and military expansionist concern. For some reason they believed Nigeria was going to use these weapons to invade its neighbors.

Nigerian Air Force Jaguar fighter jet in 1984.
Nigerian Air Force Jaguar fighter jet in 1984.

Undeterred Nigeria did not go into full retreat but instead maintained that Africa will continue to be the centrepiece of Nigeria’s foreign policy. It was the biggest lender of funds to neighbouring countries often without interest. ECOWAS was %80 funded by Nigerian government. Nigeria’s now vastly diminished military capability was still among black Africa’s strongest and guarantor of peace and stability in the region.

It intervened twice in the Liberian civil war, intervened in the Sierra-lesbian civil war, intervened in Guinea-Bissau during the drug crises. It is estimated that Nigeria has spent $10 billion bringing back peace to the region, not to mention the price played in blood by Nigerian soldiers .

Nigeria also sent doctors and lawyers to countries with weak institutions taso privide service to their people as a stop-gap measure while they rebuild their economies. It supplies %80 of the gas used for power generation in all Anglophone West African countries.

And so Anglophone West Africa was saved from the autocratic governance and colonialist dependency that has bedeviled francophone countries by the massive sacrifices of Nigerian blood and money in keeping Anglophone West Africa self-dependent economically and politically stable. That is a very strong memory in Liberia and Sierra-Leone today. Virtually all Anglophone West African countries are thriving democracies. The first and only female President in the developing world is from Liberia. Without Nigeria’s sacrifices none of this would have been possible.

But if Nigeria becomes a failed State, If it loses its economic dynamism and military superiority, all of which are in great danger, the bad guys of this planet and resource thieves, I’m talking about France, China, Iran and the United States, will carve up West Africa, Africa’s prime Real Estate amongst themselves. If nothing changes and Nigeria’s decline continues, the world you and I get up in will soon be nothing but a memory. The world we leave to our sons and daughters will be but a shadow of what God has intended for them.

After the civil war Nigeria’s constitution warns us to guard against enemies, foreign and domestic. These are the stories that the enemies in the Nigerian government and the media do not want you to hear. This is Nigeria’s last stand. These are the enemies within.





  1. Nice writ up, looking foward to thenext part..concerning the jaguar jets, would you know if they stil can incoperated back?


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