Malian Militia’s Invade Nigeria.

It would seem the clandestine operation to keep Nigeria mirred in domestic strife is being fastracked just when Amnesty Internationals week-long effort in working to destabilize Nigeria’s anti-terror efforts appears to be running out of steam after the Nigerian army days ago gave Amnesty International an ultimatum to get out of the country.

A statement by army spokesman Brigadier General Sani Usman said :

The Nigerian branch of Amnesty International that has hitherto been well-respected has deviated from the core values, principles and objectives of the original Amnesty International domiciled in the United Kingdom.

“There is a credible information that the Nigerian branch of the International Non-governmental Organisation is determined to destabilise the Nigerian nation.”

“This is noted through fabrication of fictitious allegations of alleged human rights abuses against the Nigerian security forces and clandestine sponsorship of dissident groups to protest, as well as unfounded allegations against the leadership of the Nigerian military,” Usman said

Presidential Assistant on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu in a statement said the organisation’s operations in Nigeria seem geared towards damaging the morale of the Nigerian military.

“It often appears as if the Nigerian government is fighting two wars on terror: against Boko Haram and against Amnesty International.

“The obvious bias and inaccuracies in Amnesty International’s recent country report on Nigeria risk Amnesty’s reputation as an impartial international organisation,” he said.

And just yesterday a disturbing intelligence report surfaced on a secrete invasion of Nigerian territory by militia’s from Mali. The Nigerian army’s response was swift and commendable. Within hours of this report Nigerian army troops, augmented by men of Nigerian Intelligence Service (DSS) stormed the Gongono forest in Tangaza Local Government Area, Sokoto state.

Stunned by their discovery the Malian militia’s engaged Nigerian troops in a gunfight (a terrible idea). Nigerian troops engaged and killed some of the Malian Militia who were apparently covertly inserted into Nigerian territory to establish a training base for Hard-line extremists Ideology in the area as Boko Haram weakens.

It was also gathered that the jihadists flag which is their symbol of authority with Islamic inscription similar to that of Alshabab, was recovered during the raid.

Earlier this month, the Nigerian Police said the armed militia group attacking Sokoto communities are Malians. This was after attacks were carried out at Gudu and Tangaza local government areas. The Malian invaders reside in a forest in Niger Republic, sharing border with Gudu and Tangaza local government areas of the state, according to the police.

The Nigerian government is fully aware of the complexity of its relations with its francophone neighbours but fails to take proactive measures to redress this problem, perhaps out of fear of irking the United States and France.

The United States maintains a drone base in Mali. France maintains a Squadron of Mirage 2000 jets in Mali and maintains least a thousand troops for base defence. How is it thar militia’s from francophone countries routinely evade French and American reconnaissance assets, among the most sophisticated in the world, and punching through two countries (francophone countries) find their way in and out of Nigeria seemingly at will?


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