How Amnesty International Supports Terrorist Groups.

Amnesty International recently made another shocking claim about the Nigerian army committing war crimes. Between 2015 and now the has been 17 separate claims by Amnesty International accusing the Nigerian army of gross human rights violations, and two claims accusing the Nigerian Air Force of deliberately bombing refugees. In essence Nigerian fighter jets strapped with 250kg bombs took off on a special mission to target refugees.

There should be no sugar-coating the hard truth; Amnesty International is ideological bankrupt, going by its relationship with Islamic terrorist groups around the world.

What most people fail to real is that for years, Amnesty International have long sought to dissuade the U.S Congress and other Western nations from selling arms to Nigeria. They succeeded in this endeavour by masterminding war crimes hoaxes against the Nigerian military. Thankfully the pragmatic Trump Presidency has changed that. But the Human Rights group is not backing down.

Last week Amnesty International struck again, accusing the Nigerian army of crimes against humanity. The fictitious ICC report said the Nigerian army, (not Boko Haram ) has committed war crimes varying from murder, torture and intentionally attacking civilian populations.

Protesters Shutdown Amnesty International’s Office In Abuja Over Plot To Destabilize Nigeria on May 23, 2018.

It should be noted that the recent decision by the Nigerian army to create a Cyber Command Unit was bourne out of the need for the army to counter the smear campaigns being carried out by foreign bodies against Nigeria’s war effort.

For years Amnesty International has made it their mission to create confusion and derail Nigeria’s war effort with lies and conspiracy theories without solid evidence. When pressed for evidence by the Nigerian government , Amnesty International is quick to play the “protect our sources ” card, just like the Liberal American media does. In actual fact they never present solid evidence for the world to see because they know it will not stand up to scrutiny.

It’s high time Amnesty International left Nigeria alone and stop sowing discord between Nigerian civilians and the military. There are real War Crimes going on in Southern Cameroon,  where innocent civilians are being marched out of their homes and shot by Cameroonian gendarmes. There are actual footage of Cameroonian security forces marching a woman with her child in her back to face the wall and then shot at point-blank range. All this is happening in a country with significant U.S presence, just kilometres away from an American drone base.

Like has been before stated before on this blog , there is a relentless campaign being run by foreign powers against the Nigerian state. Ever since the failed CIA 2015 prediction of a Nigeria breakup, the powers that be has intensified their effort to ensure peace and stability remain elusive in one of the most powerful countries in Africa.

In the space of 48 months the U.S has erected five MQ-9 Reaper drone bases in virtually every country surrounding Nigeria, save for the Atlantic ocean, each base costing between $150 million to $200 milliom. This has been followed by unilateral Economic and Military Pacts amongst ECOWAS member state, making ECOWAS in itself useless. While they continue militarizing the region and making new allies.

While this is happening Nigeria’s military progress is being systematically bombarded by accusations against the Nigerian military of War Crimes against Humanity. These are false claims that have been recycled for years to the extent it has lost its shock value, as right thinking people have learnt not to set stock on them. So they have changed tactics.

The new talking point now is that the Nigerian military is shielding terrorists, terrorists that just massacred a hundred Nigerian soldiers. How stupid and gullible do they think Nigerians are?. What we are once again witnessing is the same  old hogwash of launching this kind of propaganda each time the Nigerian military is making gains against Boko Haram.

For months Boko Haram has gotten more extreme. Flushed with new weapons and foreign fighters they have waged war against Nigeria with unrestricted violence. They kidnapped and killed two female red cross workers and still have one in custody. They burnt whole villages and killed hundreds of innocent civilians.

Boko Haram deputated ISIS to become the deadliest terrorist group on the planet for good reasons. They give new meaning to the term ” unrestrictive warfare”. Everything is fair game to them. They kill Muslims and Christians alike. In their drug induce frenzy and bloodletting they tear open the stomach of pregnant women and rip out the baby. This is barbarity on steroids. Yet there was no whimper by Amnesty International, no outrage.

The Metele attack that killed 100 Nigerian soldiers was the tipping point. The Nigerian army responded with unprecedented violence that stunned the group into panic by simultaneous air and ground operations, and night deploy the new Mi-35M helicopter with night attack capabilities.

In once such incident, and in a move that suggested Chadian complicity, surviving Boko Haram fighters fled across the border right into Chad, prompting Nigerian Air Force fighter jet to go after them into Chadian airspace and destroying them.

Once again the Nigerian army has the initiative, once again Boko Haram has fled into neighbouring countries, Once again Amnesty International strikes again.

Neighbouring francophone countries to Nigeria has become hiding grounds for Boko Haram terrorists. The Nigerian airstrikes inside Chadian territory is evidence Boko Haram finds safe havens in these countries. After each of their attacks they flee across the border, yet Amnesty International and the ICC is blissfully unaware that Boko Haram terrorists usually cross into these countries after attacking Nigeria.

In a region saturated with the world’s most sophisticated attack drones Boko Haram should be history by now. American Reaper drones won’t break a sweat in identifying large columns of Boko Haram fighters in the border area or crossing into Niger and Chad and release Hellfire missiles. Oddly enough it never happens.

In recent days the Nigerian military has carried out attacks on Boko Haram with unprecedented violence, pummeling Boko H aram and in the space of 4 days announced several successful exploits with hundreds of Boko Haram fighters killed, and the next thing we hear is that Amnesty International has gathered evidence of atrocities committed by the Nigerian military to present to the ICC.

It’s time the Nigerian people realise that Nigeria is at war with not just Boko Haram, but Chad, Niger, the CIA and Amnesty International, and until the puppet autocratic regimes in our neighboring countries are replaced by a democratically elected representative government, Nigeria may never know peace.  Until the Nigerian government pushes for regime change and democracy diplomatically or even militarily, Nigeria’s territorial sovereignty may not last a decade.

The Nigerian military has not committed any war crimes any less than the United States has in Syria and Iraq. The stories being planted by Amnesty International is nothing but a desperate push to truncate Nigeria’s war effort.  These people don’t care about the 30,000 Nigerians killed by Boko Haram. They don’t care about the kidnapped red cross worker and the execution of one of them. They don’t care about women backing their babies being shot by Cameroonian gendarmes. Instead they are fixated with Nigeria’s anti-terror war effort.

Amnesty International has on its hands the blood on the people killed in all the countries around the world where it has sown the kind of the discord it is trying to sow in Nigeria. It had been in the business of lying against the armies that stand against terrorists while doing everything to shielding the terrorists from retribution. We see it Syria where relentlessly accuse the Assad government of war crimes yet pretend the atrocities committed by ISIS never happened.

This is wickedness of the highest order. State sponsored saboteuring on steroids. Nigeria has been at war for 15 consecutive years. This cannot be sustained for much longer. Unless Nigeria throws all caution to the wind and address the root causes of Boko Harams longevity, the CIA’s prediction may just about come to fruition, but this time with five American drone bases in Cameroon, Niger, Chad and Mali, one French drone base in Chad, a Squadron of Mirage fighter jets in Mali and a new American defence treaty with Ghana. If Nigeria implodes and with no national ally, the Nigeria project will be lost forever. All because of complacency, greed, corruption, tribalism and gross incompetence on a scale with no historic precedence .









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  1. Amnesty International is just another instrument used in waging a clandestine war against Nigeria. There is a grand ploy to discredit the Nigerian govt in the international community. We have seen it done in Libya and Syria before. However, Nigeria will eventually prevail! That is certain.

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