Breaking: Get out of Nigeria, Army warns Amnesty International

Could the season of appeasement by the Nigerian military be over ? SINCE the attack on a Nigerian army base that saw over 150 Nigerian soldiers killed and stacks of munitions carted away, the Nigerian governments response had been stern. President Buhari, Nigeria’s wartime hero declared :


This bellicose declaration has been matched by a visceral military response that stunned even the battle hardened Boko Haram fighters who, unable to contain the attacks fled across the border into Chad. This did not stop the Nigerian Air Force from violating Chadian airspace and striking at flee Boko Haram fighters, destroying a dozen trucks and as many as 70 Boko Haram fighters.

It appears the Chadian government is afraid to risk irking the obviously angry Nigerian government by its uncharacteristic silence over the NAF violation of Chadian territory.

2018-12-17 23.58.04.png
Nigerian troops carrying out operations in the northeast.

Just days after the airstrikes Amnesty International conveniently publishes a report accusing the Nigerian army of crimes against humanity, calling for a halt on Nigeria’s military operations pending an ICC investigation.

However it appears an angry Nigerian government this time is having non of this. irritated by Amnesty International’s actions, an angry Nigerian Army yesterday ordered Amnesty International to :


This uncharacteristic bellicose rhetorics came from army spokesman, Brig.-Gen. Sani Usman, who questioned the timing of their damming report, and accused the organization of attempting to destabilise the nation through fabrication of fictitious allegations of alleged human rights abuses against the Nigerian security forces.

The army spokes person Brigadier General Sani Usman said Amnesty International is engaged in clandestine sponsorship of dissident groups to protest, as well as unfounded allegations against the leadership of the Nigerian military.

“They have tried over the years using Boko Haram terrorists conflicts, Islamic Movement in Nigeria, some activists and now herders-farmers conflicts.

“The NGO is at the verge of releasing yet another concocted report against the military, ostensibly against the Nigerian Army. “Consequently, Nigerians should be wary of Amnesty International because it’s goals are to destabilise Nigeia and to dismember it.

“The Nigerian Army has no option than to call for the closure of Amnesty International offices in Nigeria, if such recklessness continues.

Nigeria’s military response and resolve appears to have knocked the wind out of Boko Haram and the powers that be. Oddly enough Boko Haram seems to have once again disappeared. They do not hold territory in Nigeria, the 66,000 kilometres Sambisa forest is now where the Nigerian army’s hold sporting competing and shooting range.

So where is Boko Haram?


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