Boko Haram Drone Threat : Industrial Revolution of Terrorism

Every year there are new developments and emerging threats to the Nigerian military. Boko haram’s latest weapon isn’t on the battlefield but above it.

Nigerian army recently confirmed that the Boko Haram islamic sect has been using drones and foreign fighters in its operations against the Nigerian military especially the nigerian army

So the question on how Boko Haram is able to a certain the exact location of Nigerian army formations, troop size, weapons placement, defensive positions etc, and attack with a three to one numerical advantage has now being answered.

It should be noted that troops from Kukawa, Ngoshe, Kareto and even Gajiram came under fire at different times within a 14 day time period. Over two years of progress has been almost wiped out in the last two to three months by Boko Haram fighters who now make daring moves. What’s worse, the infusion of foreign fighters among the ranks of Boko Haram adds to the complexity of the situation.

With this development and with the technical expertise of foreign terrorist groups, it is only a matter of time before Boko Haram start using weaponized drones in Nigeria, further complicated the decade-long war. The implications of this development is far-reaching.

Improvise drones armed with grenades can potentially take out anything from lightly armored vehicles to even tanks. We all know that ISIS have made extensive use of attack drones in Syria, even attacking a Russian airbase in Syria with grenades strapped with drones directed via radio frequency. Exporting the technical know-how and expertise of these drones to its West African affiliate is an almost absolute certainty.

Boko haram is now using drones in surveillance and directing fighters to troop positions.

2018-11-30 15.39.40
ISIS fighters in Syria controlling a drone using a PS2 control pad.

In the last year we were not as concerned about the use of drones by boko haram but the battlefield is evolving very fast and it appears the jihadi group is evolving faster than the Nigerian army.

This has to be the most significant development in Boko Haram’s war strategy since the war began. We’ve seen ISIS demonstrate its chemical and biological warfare capability in Syria. They attack civilian area’s with Nerve agents such as Sarin, blame it on the Assad regime and before you know it U.S Navy Arleigh Burke class destroyers are lobbing hundreds of tomahawk cruise missiles against Assad’s forces and air based.

For a decade the vast majority of Nigeria has been spared largely from the carnage brought about by Boko Haram. That might be about to change with this development.  It’s horrific to imagine Boko Haram capable of disposing chemical and biological agents, putting its reach beyond the confines of the northeast,

The Nigerian army may want to start thinking about new weapons and strategies to counter boko haram drones, and they may need them. Boko haram fighters have been dug in for months in the positions they now occupy, and they are not likely to leave without the major fight.


One Reply to “Boko Haram Drone Threat : Industrial Revolution of Terrorism”

  1. This administration has found itself at the same bridge the previous administration did just 3 months to the election. Let’s see how they engage this problem. Do they recruit mercs like the previous administration? I don’t see them requesting for another billion dollars for rapid purchase of equipments since they cannot account for the one received recently. The clock is ticking!!!


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