Pictures of the Lt Col. and others Killed by Boko Haram Terrorists in the Recent Borno Attack

2018-11-25 08.50.38

2018-11-25 08.49.57

2018-11-25 08.50.16

2018-11-25 08.49.34

Nigeria has a Military Intelligence apparatus that are quite up to the task. But when you have a government whose primary concern now is to borrow money from the International community only to loot and sponsor elections, tragedies like this becomes inevitable.

That $15 million T-72M1 tank was not blown to pieces by AK-47’s or RPG rounds. That tank was taken out of action by a sophisticated military grade anti-tank missile. A responsible government should begin asking serious questions. In a region saturated with the worlds most advanced surveillance platforms, including six American drone bases stretching from Cameroon all the way to Mali, where and how do these Boko Haram Terrorists get and mobilise these weapons from?

Anyone who doesn’t believe our so-called neighbouring allies are complicit is in for a shocker. It is a tragedy that our men of valour go down to their grave like they mean nothing. Men who fought gallantrily with outdated piece of junks

A forward thinking country would have declared a state of emergency by now. It is a national disgrace to Nigeria to lose a 100 soldiers in just day. The Nigerian army is a very competent fighting force. The Nigerian Military Academy is one of the best in Africa. If they were adequately equipped Boko Haram can not run and hide. The Nigerian army establisged an Army Aviation Corp in March, where were the multi-million dollar brand new Mi-35M helicopter gunships?


2 Replies to “Pictures of the Lt Col. and others Killed by Boko Haram Terrorists in the Recent Borno Attack”

  1. Here’s my take on this, our counter intelligence are shameless, our neighbors are worst than shameless, the army aviation needs to come online real quick and here’s the most important question, how did bokoharam encircle that F.O.B without the troops knowing ?

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