Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo: Pan Africanist or Sellout?

The first phase of the covert plan to diminish Nigeria’s influence and leadership position as the regional hegemon is all but complete now,  as exemplified when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked Ghana for support in Israel’s bid to have a sit at the African Union.

To recolonization of West Africa cannot be achieved with the behemoth Nigeria in play. To achieve their agenda, the powers that be plans to get Nigeria out-of-the-way by replacing Nigeria on three fronts:

Diplomatically (Ghana) (check)

Economically (Morocco)

Militarily (France, United States, bases in Chad, Cameroon,Ghana,Niger)

The diplomatic takeover is certainly complete with this latest development. Nigeria is in denial of this new reality. It’s going to be tough for Nigeria to accept this new reality. Such is the price for having incompetent and unqualified people run Africa’s richest economy with a lack of a coherent foreign policy.

How were the powers that be able to execute a successful diplomatic coup right under Nigeria’s nose?

For answers we have to go back to the past.

In July 2009 U.S President Barack Obama  made his first Sub Sahara Africa trip, flying over Nigeria to Ghana, where he hailed Ghana as a model for democracy in the region. President Obama also became the first US President to deliver a speech to the Ghanaian Parliament and to visit a slave departure point when he visited Cape Coast Castle.

Three days to the 2015 Presidential Elections President three USAF Osprey aircraft landed in Accra’s international airport. On-board was a team of 600 fully armed U.S Marines. President Obama had earlier made his misgivings of the forthcoming election to the Ghanaian President John Atta Mils and suggested sending a team of Marines to Ghana.

Their mission was to move into Nigeria from Ghana and evacuate Americans and other Westerners from the country when the shooting starts. Without consulting with Nigeria’s President Ghanaian President Atta Mills agreed to the proposal. So much for Ghana’s often touted Pan Africanism.

As Ghana’s diplomatic status grew, its foreign policy objective was getting more antagonistic towards Nigeria. Relations between Abuja and Accra cooled when Ghana became the first country to support Morocco’s membership into ECOWAS after Nigeria called for a motion to put negotiations on hold. A move that irked the Nigerian government.

At the Oxford 2018 Africa Conference in London, Ghana’s President begins his speech with a 20 minutes monologue bashing Nigeria. He criticised Britain’s embrace of Nigeria during the oil boom of the 70s and contrasted the current situation of Nigeria vis-a-vis Ghana. This unprecedented whitewashing of Nigeria by the leader of a fellow African country in the presence of Heads of States, policy makers, business leaders, academics, artists and students was an insult and a total lack of respect to Nigeria.

In February 2018 Nigerian Intelligence (SSS) uncovered plans by the United States on establishing another military base in West Africa, this time Ghana.  President Buhari dispatched Foreign Affairs Minister Geoffrey Jideofor Kwusike Onyeama to Ghana to about the danger of an expansion of the American military in the region and advised against the deal.

Against Nigeria’s concerns Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo agreed to the deal that would give the United States military an expanded role in Ghana. As part of the agreement struck last week, the United States would invest about $20 million in equipment and training for the Ghanaian military, carrying out joint exercises with Ghana and using the nation’s radio channels and runways.

Protesters take part in demonstration organised by Ghana First Patriotic Front (GFPF), in downtown Accra on March 28, 2018, against a Ghana-US defence cooperation agreement which was ratified by the Parliament last week. / AFP PHOTO / CRISTINA ALDEHUELA (Photo credit should read CRISTINA ALDEHUELA/AFP/Getty Images)

This was seen as a betrayal of ECOWAS by surrendering our sovereignty and threatening the peace and stability in the region.

Ghana’s was to score another win when U.S First Lady Melania Trump visited Ghana in October. Her first ever visit to the African continent.

Enter the British Royal couple Prince Charles and Camillia. Again the first country they touch down in is Ghana.

Is Ghana challenging Nigeria’s leadership role in West Africa? Why is there all of a sudden so much interest in Ghana from the West? Is President Nana Akufo-Addo being used to obliterate the ECOWAS alliance, to forestall the unification of West Africa.? Is the spirit of Pan Africanism DEAD?

In 2003 President Obasanjo was the first African Head of State to criticize Francophone African countries paying France $400 billion every year into French treasuries and supported a single West African currency that was to be called the ECO. It would be the strongest and most valuable currency in Africa. The West African Gas Pipeline Project was funded mainly by Nigeria. Thirteen odd years later ECOWAS has gone from what the Economist once called the most successful military alliance in the world,outstripping NATO, to an alliance that is basically in the throes of death.











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