We are Not Dying Fast Enough !

We are not dying fast enough people. We are just not dying fast enough. The world today has 6.8 billion people who are adding up to about 9 billion soon. Now according to Bill Gates, if we do a really good job on new vaccines, healthcare reproductive health services, we could lower that by about perhaps 10 or 15%.

We are just not dying fast enough. With all of the programs that they have, the billions of dollars spent on sterilization programs that they have against black that is laced with harmful substances. People are dying, not only Africans but Africans Americans too that are taking the vaccinations, but we are still not dying fast enough.

They also lace the grocery stores with tainted food. We also have that mass sterilization thing. Not only have they done it in America, they’re doing it in africa till this day to stop black women from having children. Their own population is dwindling as birth rate among white women is the lowest in the world. The future doesn’t look too good demographically for the white race.

So if they cannot force white women to have more kids, they are doing all that they can to put our population in check. In less than 29 years Nigeria will outstrip the U.S to become the 3rd biggest nation on earth after China and India. Some say that will happen in less than 20 years. This is scary.  People are waking up to the mass sterilization program, which is often under the guise of, like in Nigeria, Polio vaccines and all. So they’ve upped the ante.

So they are spending millions on secrete laboratories programmes to produce hard to detect diseases, that are in all practicality chemical weapons. What about the resurgence of the Ebola virus, Aids and all those stuff that they are making secrete laboratories to infect people of colour. But yet we are still not dying fast enough for them.

Enter charming Prince Williams.

This guy recently argued for urgent depopulation efforts in africa. Charming Prince Williams recently said that the population growth in Africa is placing a tremendous amount of pressure on the natural world and driving many species and animals to extinction.  It’s so unfortunate that multi-culturalism has been a farce. western vaccine narratives now mirrors Nazi eugenics propaganda.

How else can one explain why black Africans, with a culture of hard-working people with similar values allowed to drown in the Mediterranean. Some are turned into slaves and sold as commodities in Libya. These are people fleeing the very violence they created in Africa. Yet they are rejected.

But a million Arab Muslims, people with no cultural affinity and a diametrically opposed way of life are allowed into Western Europe are basically invited in. They would rather risk getting blown up with bombs, have their wives and daughters raped, than have Africans in Europe.

Few countries like Hungary have refused to let in Middle Eastern refugees, preferring African migrants. Berlin accuses Hungary of clamouring for African slave labour and is paying the price, for refusing to let in thousands of Muslims.

On tuesday november 7th, Natural News released a video lecture detailing the covert agenda to eliminate people of African descent from the human genome pool.

People are now being spiced with a sterilization chemical. A team of Kenyan doctors recently noticed that the so-called tetanus vaccination campaign was being given only to young women of child bearing age, and that it includes 5 doses of tetmosol over 2 years, which is not what is requires. So they had the sample sent off to a lab in South Africa. It turns out that the sample of these vaccines that is provided by the United Nations and WHO contained a HCG. A chemical design for population reduction.

What this chemical does is it causes a woman’s body to form antibodies that attack and kill the mothers own baby. This is a chemical that turns a mother’s body into a killer of her own unborn child. It causes spontaneous abortions, and of course results in long-term sterilization.

These women are targeted and selected because of their country of origin and their skin colour and their race. They are Kenyan women who have been targeted because they are blacks, because they are from Kenya. The World Health Organisation doesn’t do this to white women from Norway for example, this is very specifically targeted based on race and country of origin and your genetic profile and your dark skin colour, so this is a race based medical crime against women in Kenya.

Now these Europeans are now saying that the black people, the population growth in Africa is causing animals to go into extinction because they are putting pressure on the natural world and driving many species of these animals into extinction.

I beg to differ they are the ones that are coming over here to africa and killing the animals. They are the ones driving the animals into extinction with their “games”.

These people are killing animals for fun, but yet they are blaming on it on Africans and saying that our population growth is what’s causing the extinction of animals. No. They are the ones that are causing the extinction of animals. They kill animals just for fun, just because they can. They are doing this for sports and they are blaming the African people and their population growth.

They want African people dead or cut to size so that they can take over the resources. So that they can take over this part of the world. This is why Nigeria will never be allowed to reach her potential. A black nation 200 million strong with the world’s 10th largest proven oil reserve and a fiercely independent populace is an anomaly and will never be tolerated. No amount of appeasement or goodwill gesture will change their mind. This is a generational fight for the survival of Africans.

Enter Emmanuel Macron.

Guy who dated his math teacher at 14. This guy comes to Africa and starts complaining about African women having all the children they have, and how ridiculous it is. They need to stop he says. Macron was so angry he blurted out :

“This is pure BULLSHIT !”

Statements like this will never be tolerated in places like Saudi Arabia, or India, or China. Nope. Only in Africa will the leader of France make disparaging and denigrating statements and still get a round of applause for it.

He’s a part of the elite and he is trying to stop the population within Africa as well. This is what their primary agenda is. The most powerful African States are prime targets. Libya is gone. Nigeria is next.

All about the world they are trying to reduce the African population this is the agenda. We are a part of their agenda no matter where we are as black people, these people don’t like us they never have, they never will, we are in the way.

Isn’t it funny how %99 of American companies encouraging and sponsoring African-Americans to go to West Africa to check their ancestry are mostly white owned and organized. Yes they are suggesting that African Americans go to Africa for now. Just a suggestion, but I am quite sure very soon it’s going to be forced on them.


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