Part 2. Smart Power and a Dictators Fall.

Paris is the capital of France. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. It’s been the capital of Israel for 3000 years. It’s been a capital of the Jewish state for 70 years. We respect your history and your choices and we know that as friends you respect ours.

Those were the words of Benjamin Netanyahu to French President Emmanual Macron.

It should be reiterated that France believes it’s against international law to recognize Jerusalem unilaterally as the capital of Israel, and he believes President Trumps decision is to officially Jerusalem regrettable.

Macron also said France along with many other European countries still believes in a two-state solution where both Israel and the Palestinians will eventually have their capital in Jerusalem. He called on the Israeli prime minister to engage again in the peace process, saying to netanyahu at the press conference :

” you must make courageous decisions to try to restart this process.”

Netanyahu though gave a fairly uncompromising reply, saying the Palestinians needed to accept the reality that Israel is Jerusalem as capital.

Now, it’s perhaps important to note that Macron, in inviting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a state visit is really trying to establish France as a key player in the Middle East, which perhaps it hasn’t been under previous administrations. He certainly wants to fill the gap that he believes is being left by the Trump admiration decision to move away from previous U.S policy. He thinks there is a gap in the world stage for an international mediator, and he hopes France can play that role. Thats why he went ahead with that visit despite wide-spread opposition, despite widespread protests in Paris about the invitation of Netanyahu for talks.

But Macron is keen to build relationships both with muslim countries in the middle east and with Israel in an attempt to be a key player in the brokering of any future deal.

But first, who is Emmanuel Macron?

This is a guy who won the French election by %66 mainly because of his looks. Married to his school teacher where the relationship began when he was 14.

Macron and Trump have two very different ideas about how peace in the middle east needs to come about. President Trump obviously is a nationalist and is strongly for Israel and Jerusalem as its capital, something that Macron absolutely does not agree with. Macron is a globalist who thinks that Israel should be divided and given to the Palestinians.

Nigeria has been in the cusps of a travails such as it has never seen. Events that led this travail was put in motion 7 years ago. But before we proceed lt’s imperative we understand the motive behind France’s foreign policy.

France and America, those strange sister nations are similar in many respects. one shared trait is their exalted sense of their own greatness France would not be found without greatness said the man who made France great again twice in the 20th century Charles de Gaulle.

France has always been one of the most important countries in the West, but when it comes to becoming New Rome achieving an hegemony over the West as a dominant superpower akin to that enjoyed now by the United States, France was frustrated over and over again throughout the centuries whether by the British or the Spanish. With the rise of the British empire and now the United States, that ambition looked forever foreclosed. This French cultural malaise has been gripping the country for decades.

But perhaps now is the time. The complex of British brexit, Donald Trump’s presidency and German decline provides an unparalleled opportunity for France to become one of the world’s leading nations again.  When it comes to brexit the french consciously joined the european project to turn it into a vehicle for our imperial ambitions the continuation of Napoleon ism by other means.

Now, on its own French superpower aspirations is not necessarily a bad thing. Africans couldn’t care less who became superpower. The continent has enough to deal with already. Poverty, unemployment and the social upheaval caused by the artificial boundaries created by the colonialists will take a hundred years solve.

The terrible thing is trying to be a superpower using Africa as a launching platform. The first French atomic bomb test was carried out not in France, not in Europe, but in Africa. The African continent has always been a guinea pig for French aspirations. Africa is paying a terrible price for the superpower aspiration of a colonial empire.

We came, we saw, he died.

– Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is not given enough credit in this regard. Because he didn’t just die, an entire continent died. 30,000 Nigerians died. Thousands more in Mali died, and hundreds more will die as the continent continues reel from the adverse effect of destruction of Libya and the proliferation of weapons taken from Libya’s armoury, one of the world’s largest, and as a consequence the proliferation of terrorist groups on the continent on an unpreceendted scale.

Now let’s be clear on this, the United States NEVER wanted the strikes on Libya. President Barack Hussein Obama was wary. It made no sense ousting a dictator without plans for the post Gaddafi era.  But the French had drawn up a profile on the U.S Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. They knew she was a cold and power hungry woman who secretly harboured plans to run for office.

She found the French proposal for NATO’s involvement in Libya compelling. The Secretary of State was persuasive and unfortunately President Obama caved in. The ouster of Col. Muammer-el Quaddafi left Libya a failed State and a terrorist haven.

In the throes is the “media inspired”  Arab Spring, Col. Myanmar Qaddafi was facing a furious revolt by Libyans determined to end his 42 year rule. The dictators forces were approaching Bhengazi, the crucible of the rebellion and threatening a bloodbath. Once again France and Britain forgot they were no longer a 19th century superpower. They were gonna pull another “Suez canal”, only this time they were urging the United States to join them in a military campaign to halt Col. Qaddafi’s troops. Such superpower wannabe stunt will never be contemplated in any other continent. Only in Africa.

….all bout the woman.

President Obama was deeply wary of another military venture in a Muslim country. Most of his senior advisers were telling him to stay the hell out. Hillary Clinton was the lone voice supporting this illegal venture. But like Sampson, like Adam , the President caved him. Her conviction was critical in persuading President Obama to join this French crafted plan. In fact Obama’s Defense Secretary Robert Gates would later say that in a 54 to 1 decision. It was Mrs Clinton’s support that put the ambivalent President over the line.

The consequences will be far more reaching than anyone imagined, leaving Libya a failed State and a terrorist haven. This is how a woman whose Senate vote for Iraq may have doomed her first presidential campaign, doubled down and pushed for military intervention in Africa.

Seven years on as Africa reels with the deadly consequences of smart power politics…





……. the we came we saw he died woman

…….lives in absolute peace and opulence in a 5,000 square foot mansion.

Hillary's Huse










One Reply to “Part 2. Smart Power and a Dictators Fall.”

  1. One thing I like about the Republic of Iran is it’s assertiveness, vociferous, no nonsense way of handling it’s interests and policies. This is one thing that keeps the West from an all out attack/invasion and keeps them up all night cooking another round of sanctions.

    On one hand, dictatorial regimes not only limits a nations growth but also tends to lead to abuse of uncontrolled power thereby creating instability in the region.

    On the other hand, dictators understand the vital importance of having a strong military force, not just to consolidate their power, but to act as deterrence and secure their regime from internal and external forces aiming to undermine the regime. Qaddafi was one dictator who built a strong and stable nation with an enviable military force, probably one of the best in Africa at that time. Despite his shortcomings, he had great ambitions for Africa economical and militarily.

    However, Africa failed him, AU failed him. The AU should grow up and learn to start handling its internal disputes by itself and protect the continent against foreign negative influence. Until the AU develops a military coalition like that of NATO, Libya will not be the last African nation to fall to the whims of a failed Western politician and NATO allies who never consider the blowback of such an appalling invasion neither are they affected by its consequences.

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