Iranian Shi’ites threaten to overthrow Buhari.


3 Replies to “Iranian Shi’ites threaten to overthrow Buhari.”

  1. I watched this video several hours ago and I couldn’t help but laugh. Mark my words, there will be no official reaction from our dear government. They are busy scheming how to kill the gandollar-gate scandal, probe Atiku’s Dubai meeting and settle Buhari’s missing certificate saga once and for all.

    Whereas a more proactive government would immediately issue a strong warning statement to the Iranians to desist from making threats, summon the Iranian envoy to Abuja. All these ‘little’ show of force are strategic in showing the world you cannot issue threats of overthrowing a legitimate government carelessly without reprisal. Sadly, our government will just remain docile as usual and probably release Zazaky soon to avoid the ‘wrath’ of Iran. Sigh!

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      1. Another round of sanctions sadly wouldn’t deter them. Sometimes I admire there bravery and resilience, if only Nigeria had such which can be channeled more productively.

        We cave, bow and retreat into our shell whenever the West bark at us. No balls whatsoever! Pathetic..


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