Nigeria’s Porous Borders and National Security Implications.

The survival of Nigeria, a nation blessed with human and natural resources is daily threatened by its s porous borders. The porosity if its border has so far led to the challenges of insecurity, as foreign bodies enter the country unchallenged through the borders linking neighbouring countries.

In a frightening statistics the Nigerian government recently lamented the proliferation of weapons ranging from small arms to heavy weapons in Nigeria. Stating that %70 of the 500 million of such weapons in West Africa, translating to 350 million are found in the country. At a high powered meeting on the proliferation of small arms and light weapon the minister of interior declared that the trend must be checked before the 2019 elections.

The number of weapons smuggled the country keeps Nigeria creates a self-perpetuating ecosystem of strife and violence. One cannot isolate border security from the unprecedented level of security threats that has bedevilled Nigeria in recent years, slowing Nigeria’s developmental goal of being an upper middle class economy and lifting millions out of poverty.

To bring a final end to the Boko Haram insurgency the Nigerian governments should consider investing massively in border security. Many border posts should be created along the entire stretch of border with Nigeria’s northern neighbours. Investment should be made in equipment a, personnel, scanners,patrol vehicles and if need be defensive positions.

Besides the obvious security benefits, the Nigerian economy will be better for it. A strong border will actually facilitate trade in accordance with the ECOWAS liberalisation policy.

Large and powerful the Nigerian army may be, it will never deal a decisive and crushing blow to Boko Haram if tons of various kinds of weapons destined to different anti-government fighters cross the borderline on a regular basis. It will surprise Nigerians the kind of weapons being smuggled into Nigeria. We talking about weapons not found in the Nigerian army arsenal. Take the arrest, detention and subsequent disappearance of Mr Gnoti, personal assistant to Chadian president Idris Derby caught by Nigerian borderguards.

Boko Haram was a hairs breath away from having 19 SA-7-anti-aircraft missile system.  There is no comparable system in the entire Nigerian military arsenal. This weapon was being smuggled into Nigeria by the personal aid of Chadian strongman Idris Derby. Such weapons in then hands of Boko Haram would have made minced meat of Nigeria’s fighter aircrafts.

The Alpha jet or L-39A stood no chance.  Think about how Bokon Haram could have taken its terror to a whole new dimension by targeting civilian aircrafts with this lethal weapon, most of which might have been looted from Gadaffis stockpile of weapons, smuggled into Sudan, Chad and ultimately Nigeria’s northeast.

2018-11-02 01.05.21
Boko Haram fighters seen with a D-30 artillery gun.
2018-11-02 01.05.50
Boko Haram fighters in the Sambisa preparing for an attack.

So porous is the border area, there has been cases of unmarked helicopters delivery materials and weapons in the middle of the Sambisa. In one incident the helicopter crashed. Onlookers who saw the crash rushed to the scene to be greeted by the sight of two Caucasians men burning heaps of $100 bills before fleeing the area.

All Nigeria’s enemies have to do to to bring down the country is covertly provide weapons and money to anti government forces within the country.

In 2018 West Africa officially became the region with the most Reaper Drone bases in the world. Two in Niger, one in Cameroon, two in Mali, one in Chad. That’s not taken into account several French air bases. They had enough assets to blanket the whole of West Africa in a cloud of 24hrs constant surveillance. They know what is going on. They know the location of every strategic Nigerian base and installations. They know where the position of Boko Haram insurgents. The know where their commanders are.

They know where they get their fuel and logistical assets from. They can end Boko Haram in one decapitation strike, taking out Shekau and his top commanders. But they sit by and watch, while at the same time building more bases, forging more military cooperation, the latest of which is Ghana.

We are talking about the most powerful country the world has ever seen with the most technologically advanced war machine here. They know and see the complete picture, so they sit back and watch as Nigerian forces battle it out. When Boko Haram is dealt a heavy blow and on the ever of complete defeat, they know.

Then Boko Haram dissapears for weeks, even months in some cases. Then they appear with new weapons ready to be used, fuelling the 10 years old conflict that is unlikely to end anytime soon…..which according to Western Propaganda is caused by corruption and graft in the Nigerian military and a government that doesn’t care about its citizens. One only has to look at various ridiculous accusations by Amnesty International against the Nigerian government. Accusations of troops raping thousands of women and indiscriminate killing of civilians.

I find it strange that the United States and France keep playing the corruption card. Freedom and democracy for the poor oppressed people of Nigeria and yet for some strange reason they don seem to care for the people under tyrannical steel claws of Idris Derby and Paul Biya, nor the massacre against English-speaking Cameroonians whose crimes are to protest against systemic marginalization of the Anglophone Cameroonians. How about just holding on to power for decades and suppressing dissidents.

How come there is no big move for real democracy in Chad and Cameroon? The strongman of the former has been in power for 22 years. The leader of the latter has held unto power for 36 years. The 85 year old man will likely die in power. Over %70 of Cameroonians have never known another leader. They don’t even have the concept of what free and representative democracy feels like. . Surely these people deserve freedom.

Or is it because the complete control these autocrats have over their people makes it very easy for the United States and France to use them as bases and proxy for their nefarious schemes without public opposition. So freedom for the people living in two of the worlds poorest and most backward countries takes a very lonely back seat. They only want freedom for the people of Nigeria, the world’s 4th  biggest democracy, and if arming terrorists, building rings of drone bases facilities, working towards the complete collapse of ECOWAS and changing the Nigerian led order is what it takes to bring freedom to 200 million oppressed Nigerians, SO BE IT.




2 Replies to “Nigeria’s Porous Borders and National Security Implications.”

  1. Year after year we hear about how Nigerian Customs exceed previous years’ revenue. Customs seems to be one of the top 3 money spinning agencies for the Country yet, they are so under-funded, corrupt-ridden and down-right archaic.

    They are better at using locally modified Hilux trucks to chase down Unarmed Rice smugglers and cars with improper duty rather than protect our porous borders. For country such as Nigeria, our Customs should have an Airwing, we should have drones patrolling our most vulnerable border points. We have the resources to acquire and develop top-notch surveillance platforms but unfortunately Politics always comes first. It’s just sad and pathetic.

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