Say Hello to the $100 million Air Base 101

The United States started arming drones in Nigeria’s next door neighbour up north, Niger in early 2018. The United State claim the deployment of the most sophisticated attack drones came at the request of the Niger government, and is a part of the nog range strategic partnership between the richest and most powerful country the world has ever seen, and one of the poorest and least developed country in the world.

A Strategy Partnership that entails the United States expending $280 million to build a base to help counter a “practically” defeated Boko Haram that no longer posses existential threat to Nigeria, the epicenter, much less Niger and Cameroon.

Whats interesting here is that MQ-9 drones currently flying out of Niger’s capital was moved to Niger Air Base 201, another base built in Agadez, on the scorching edge of the Sahara Desert. The U.S said the new base is part of efforts by the U.S. to battle the growing extremist threat of Boko Haram?


The $110 million project to build the base is the largest troop labor construction project in U.S. history. Let that sink in for a minute….all this for Boko Haram?

Worthy of note, and this should keep the Nigerian government up at night is that these drones have a range enabling them to reach a number of West and North African countries.

In essence the United States can carry our drone overflights to the lengthy and breath of Nigerian territory without detection, and can carry out strikes anywhere in Nigeria or any West African country without as it deems fit. Heck it can mistakenly fire an Hellfire missile on the National Assembly building when all members of House are having a session, mistakenly wiping out %80 of the Nigerian government. By mistake.

It’s happened in A-Stan, Pakistan and even Sudan. If American drones can mistakenly bomb civilian buildings and hospitals and in the case of A-STAN, government buildings, what’s to say it happen in Nigeria or any West African country. How did we get to seeing what only years ago we saw mostly on American movies right on our doorstep?

How did the U.S military receive approval to build FIVE attack drone bases barely a year after the Nigerian finally captured the Sambisa forest, transforming what was once Boko country into a sporting and training facility for the Nigerian army?

False Flag?

When the news of an attack that killed four U.S soldiers in a village in Niger got out, many Americans were baffled. What the heck was the United States doing in Niger? Most Americans have never heard of name and couldn’t find Niger on a map even if their life depended on it.

What at the odds that in an area housing French Air bases, where Mirage fighters taking of from Mali or Chad are minutes away, it took an hour and a half for the first aircraft to arrive, where Two French Mirage fighter jets arrived shortly and conducted four show-of-force flyovers right at treetop level in a bid to drive enemy forces away. Really?


No surprise the world’s poorest and least developed country promptly requested the world’s richest and most powerful country to arm drones and help defend the country against a non-existent threat, and superpower America immediately sprang into action to embark in building two drone bases in 30 days to the tune of over $280 million. The largest troop labor construction project in U.S. history.

Construction of the $100 Airbase.

In this photo taken April 16, 2018, a U.S. and Niger flag are raised side by side at the base camp for air forces and other personnel supporting the construction of Niger Air Base 201 in Agadez, Niger. — Photo: VOA
Senior Airman Justin Henke, 724th Expeditionary Air Base Squadron electrician, pulls cables off of generators from the old base to a new location, Sept. 11, 2017, at Air Base 201, Agadez, Niger….
Airmen deploy around the world, getting the mission done day in and day out. However, few will get the chance to see their base being built from the ground up.

2018-10-29 01.19.27.png

2018-10-29 01.05.01.png
Construction of a hanger of the new $100 million American base in Agadez, Niger. 
2018-10-29 01.10.16.png
Off duty airmen of Air Base 201. Most of the construction is done at night to avoid daytime temperature that routinely soar above 100 degrees.



niger-agadez-imgl8993-super-169 (1).jpg
The Intercept By Nick Turse A U.S. drone base in a remote part of West Africa has garnered attention for its $100 million construction price tag. But according to new projections from…

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