The U.S is Preparing for War in Africa

The U.S military currently has 7,500 military personnel, including 1000 military contractors that are so sad across 53 countries of the 54 countries in Africa.

We know that China recently sent in a number of troops, not to protect Africans, but their investments and interests that they have in Africa. So both China and the United States suddenly have a significant military presence on the continent. China has more of an economic presence in Africa and with time will see an increase in Chinese military personnel deployed to Africa to protect their investments as the U.S increase its military footprint in Africa.

U.S presence in Africa is purely military. The Navy Seals are there, Green Berets are there and other Special ops teams, currently conducting, wait for this…………….

Nearly 100 missions across 20 African countries, waging secrete military scale operations.

What’s the secrete? These secrete programs actually allow American troops to direct combat raids in Somalia, Kenya, Niger and other African nations.

Apparently their direct roles and military actions are against suspects terrorists in Africa. Now it begs the question, who are these terrorists? the Americans will never say. When proded, the official statement is always that the U.S is playing a support role in Africa, in advising and assisting other militaries.

We know that’s not true. We know they lie all the time. All you need do is look at Libya. NATO’s mission was officially a support role to protect poor Libyan civilians from the tyrannical steel claws of Muammar Gaddafi by launch in a bombing campaign that wiped out 50 years of Libya’s development.

So now they are kinda downplaying their role, and then bringing all the troops to the continent. The U.S military is actually staging small bases, they’ve popped up everywhere all over Africa.

Not everyone is Team America, so the Pentagon considers American troops to be in harm’s way in Algeria, Burundi, Chad, Congo, Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Tunisia and Uganda. The U.S troops that are stationed in those high risk areas qualify for extra pay.

Now, what the U.S military is doing all over Africa , they’re running drone programs and running intensive trainings on cross border raids.

For what?

And guess who is responsible for this. Who is bankrolling this ?…that’s right, AFRICOM, as well as the U.S Department for Homeland Security,  they all are responsible for managing  U.S military presence in FIFTY THREE AFRICAN COUNTRIES. Not even the British Empire at its prime could attain such feat.

Many Americans have no idea that the U.S military is even in Africa. Neither do they have an idea on the size and scope of U.S military presence in Africa, and the numbers are rising. All this happening at the same time Chinese presence and investments in Africa is growing, which inevitably will see China increase its military presence in Africa to protect their investments.

China has a role to play in this dynamics. Setting up a Chinese military base in Djbouti, just a hundred kilometres from an American military base in Dbjouti was a wrong move and only served to increase Washington’s resolve in increasing its military footprints in Africa.


As far as Ghana is concerned, the U.S and Ghana signed a military agreement in March that basically gives the U.S military unrestricted access to a number of pre-existing facilities as well as the construction of a radio frequency facility.

For what?

What is going on here? The U.S military presence in Africa is growing so strong. The scope, scale and speed via which the United States have managed to set up these bases and installations iisn so short a time span serves as a reminder for China to know the kind of country its dealing with. No nation can hope to match the United States in its ability to deploy forces anywhere on the planet on a whim. America is basically a logistics superpower.

But China’s presence in Africa is also growing strong as well. Observing China and the United States jockeying for position on the continent as if the African Union does not exist is troubling. African leaders are sleeping as the United States and China are busy carving up the continent for their interest. The U.S is waging an intensive drone war and they are building a vast military infrastructure for a huge large-scale ground war on the continent. WAKE UP AFRICA. The USA is putting themselves in position to effevtively wage and win a large-scale ground war in Africa.

Whats going on in Africa right now, with material resources being grabbed by the Chinese, military bases being built everywhere, Special ops, everyone wants to get their piece,

These nations that are going into Africa, they are not friends, they are actually fighting one another for influence. Africa used to be the far away safe and remote continent in the age of big power competition and the prospect of nuclear annihilation. Today we are not even safe in Africa, the continent is getting worse than middle east.

America has enemies, Europe has enemies, Russia has enemies China has enemies, they are all enemies of each other, with all this sort of drama going on ever where. How about everybody just leave Africa and go to their own continent and countries and deal with whats over there.







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