Shocking !! Boko Haram Captures Nigerian Town.

Africa’s wealthiest nation and continental superpower is proving to be the joke of the century as 300 Boko Haram fighters overran and occupied a military base and took complete control of a town in northeast Nigeria. Scores of fighters believed to be loyal to an Islamic State group-affiliated Boko Haram faction stormed the base in Gudumbali, in the Guzamala area of Borno state.

An official of Guzamala local government area, of which Gudumbali is the headquarters, told AFP: “It is true Boko Haram have taken over Gudumbali this morning after pushing troops out of the military facility in the town.

“They are in full control of the town and the military facility,” the official said, speaking from Maiduguri on anonymity for fear of government sanction.

In a bid to quell any denial by the Nigerian government, Boko Haram released a video of the attack on social media.

This development reflects poorly on the Nigerian government, which despite the level of threat Nigeria faces refuses to invest in its military on a scale befitting of a continental oil rich powerhouse.

How the mighty has fallen.

Nigerians have a silly penchant for chest-beating from a position of weakness. A Nigeria that has no balls to face nearby Cameroon whose gendarmes drive their English-speaking population into our borders illegally and without impunity launch repeated unauthorized cross border attacks on Nigerian soil, kill Nigerian civilians, burn down whole villages and stroll back across the border.

Just recently Nigeria spent nearly a billion dollars on 12 Super Tucano’s from the US. As a short-term urgent need spending that was ‘smart’ for the long-term development of a powerful military ‘idiotic’. Clearly, Nigerian generals think they can continue living off of scraps they buy at ridiculously high prices off better developed countries.

As long as Nigeria refuses to invest in its military on a strategic scale it remains at a severe disadvantage and at the mercy of its regional adversaries. How a group of 300 or more fighters, without air support is able to occupy a Nigerian army military base and soon after goes on to occupy an entire town in Africa’ richest country with an active duty force of 200,000 men stretches the capacity of the human brain to comprehend.

Months ago the Nigerian Army formally created an Army Aviation Corp, an air arm of the army with Mi-24/35 attack helicopters. Other resources available to the army are a fleet of surveillance drones, attack drones, surveillance aircraft, even satellite imagery. Yet a bunch of fighters lacking the resources of a state is able to occupy a military base, with no air cover and hours later take over an entire town.


As has always been the case Boko Haram is BACK with BANG !. Now this begs the question, In a region saturated with seven America Reaper Drone Bases scattered across Cameroon, Niger, Chad and Mali,  two French Drone bases in Chad and Mali, an Air Base in Chad complete with a Squadron of Mirage 2000s, how is it Boko Haram is able to acquire and smuggle weapons on an industrial scale, replenish its ranks, replace assets lost to attrition and train new fighters undetected and unmolested?

The answer is simple. The continuous killings in Nigeria, the consistent resurgence of a defeated Boko Haram, the instigation of communal violence and killings are the handiwork of Nigeria’s enemies, the powers that be who want to destabilize and instigate war in the country for their selfish purpose.

These persistent killings and attacks are not spontaneous, there are subterranean forces with a sinister agenda to instigate war in the country so they can balkanize and cut Nigeria to size, given them free rein to further their own selfish national interests, more so as China’s influence in Africa soars. They’ve been trying to do this since 2015.

Given these fact, one would expect the Nigerian government to spare no expense in building an army and air force powerful enough to serve as a deterrence as part of measures to secure the country while focusing on economic development. Its high time the Nigerian government make rigorous efforts to think outside the box and understand Nigeria’s true enemies (who play on our historic ethnic division) who have encircled Nigeria with a view to decisively checkmate their sinister agenda before it’s too late.

Nigeria will never know peace as long as it is encircled and inundated by French and American military bases hosted by totalitarian countries whose leaders have held unto power for 35 years. No democracy can survive and flourish surrounded by non democratic despotic regimes.

The Nigerian government should not tolerate the persistent clandestine manipulation and killings of innocent people in order to set Nigerians against one another. The power vacum from a weak Nigerian military is what gave the powers that be the excuse to come in and setup shop at Nigeria’s doorstep. As the powers that be expand their presence in the region, the security situation in West Africa has gone from bad to worse.


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