Say Hello to the Smartest White Nation on Earth.

Perhaps the biggest tragedy to befall Africans is the notion that slavery ended hundreds of years ago, and Africa is chronically underdeveloped because the back man is simply incapable of governing themselves and progressing. You see this narrative at play  all the time. But no matter how bitter a pill it might be to swallow, the sad truth is that slavery is still going on in Africa today, a far more dangerous kind of slavery, one in which the oppressed have no idea they are being held in captivity because the fence built around the oppressed is so far out its impossible to see the wall built around Africans.

The sad thing is that colonialism is still going on in Africa today and the slave master number one is France.

How is this so?

Well, slavery was followed by colonization of African territories. Perhaps due to the industrial revolution, slaves were not needed as much any more but the natural resources were still in high demand. European countries brutally colonized African countries killing anyone who opposed them. After the Second War the colonial powers were ravaged and in ruins. Their economies were in ruin, cities destroyed, heavily indebted. The biggest humiliation for the colonial powers was that Europe had ceased to be the dominant power around the globe. The United States, forced to clean up Europe’s mess, not once but twice had become the world’s superpower.

As the global balance of power tilted towards the United States, Britain and France found it hard to hold on to their colonial territories, thus began the agitation for self-determination by African colonies. The final nail to the coffin of the era of France and Britain as a colonial power happened in 1956 in the infamous Tripartite aggression.

Deluded into thinking they are still great powers, Britannia and France invaded Egypt in late 1956, followed by Israel. Still thinking this is the era of colonialism, their aims were to regain Western control of the Suez Canal and to remove Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser, who had just nationalized the canal.

As British and French Commandos stormed the canal, an incensed United States practically ordered France and Britain to pull out of Egypt or face serious consequences. This was followed by the Soviet Unions threat of sending troops to Egypt if they don’t pull out. Unable to do anything they were forced to withdraw. This episode humiliated Great Britannia and France and put to rest the question of who had the balance of power in the world.

After this incident countries around Africa intensified their call for self-determination, which was supported by the United States. Great Britain, ever so pragmatic began granting independence to its colonies. But France, with its oversized ego vehemently refused. Unlike Britain which could survive with its strong industrial base and service economy, France was heavily reliant on the resources of its colonies for development.

Eventually in the 60s the French, ever so cunning figured instead of fighting all these wars trying to hold onto territory in Africa, why don’t they just give these countries pseudo independence whereby they install figure-head leaders in power and force them to use their currencies (Franc CFA) whereby they determine the cost of the goods that they buy from them and they have no say.

By far the biggest obstacle to France was Nigeria. While other countries balked at the idea, Nigeria and Morocco were the only countries in Africa to openly condemn French exploitation of African countries. Nigeria took it a step further by condemning French testing of the atomic bomb in Niger Republic and dragged France to the UN. Thus began the era of French clandestine manipulation of African countries and divisive tactics.

Whenever there is any attempt to overthrow one of Africa’s figure-head criminal and despotic leaders, France sends the Foreign Legion under the pretence of humanitarian efforts. Till this day France is the only country on earth that still maintains a section of its armed forces with troops from its colonies.

The president of Cameroon, Paul Biya is the poster child of a puppet of France. He has been there since 1982 (35 years). He will stay there till he dies as long as France keeps protecting him and draining Cameroon’s natural resources at practically no cost. Good relations with Nigeria is strictly forbidden.

Any rebellion against him is a rebellion against France, good luck winning that war. In essence, Cameroon and other African countries have been stuck in the dungeon of captivity since the days of slavery. Same thing is happening in Chad and other Francophone states. So if anyone ever wondered why the economies of French-speaking countries are where they are today, and believes the ignorant racist narratives of Africans being to dumb to progress, to arrive at answers, then a large chunk of Africa will forever remain at the bottom of the food chain. Its time for Africans to abstain from the shallow thinking driven racist narrative and look at the broader picture.

The fact nearly a hundred years after colonialism ended France is able to brainwash African countries into accepting their oppressive leaders, keeping their foreign reserves of dollars in French treasuries and paying colonial taxes for once being privileged enough to be enslaved by France, then FRANCE is by and large the most cunning of any white nation.


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