The Pivot to Africa and its Implications

The West and its predatory capitalist system using its economic advantage to plunder resources across Africa is responsible for %80 of the ongoing conflicts we see in Africa today. In Nigeria’s case, there will be no peace unless the dictators, corporations and powers that be calling the shots in the region are removed from the equations on politics. Let Africans run their business themselves.

Sadly it seems only the eventual collapse of the economic system and full-scale war will alter the course despots and their western backers have taken. The dismantling of the Soviet Union and the launching of the Gulf war marked the beginning of a new drive by the U.S and its Western allies to impose more direct forms of colonial rule in Africa through economic blackmail and military means.

With the West reigning supreme, African leaders would accept ever more deeper integration into the structure of the U.S and French  imperialism. The cynical abandonment by Great Britain of its longstanding ex colony in Africa have removed all reasons for restraint and compromise on the part of the powers that be.

Recognizing the change in the international environment, these selfish leaders, who are not accountable to the people they govern are seeking desperately to work out an accommodation with France, that will still permit them to hold on to power. Far from striving to liberate their countries from the grip of international finance capital, these selfish leaders beg for the establishment of ” Strategic Partnerships”, in which the powers that be are permitted the unrestrained exploitation of the regions natural and human resources.

These selfish autocrats are ready and willing to selling out the region just to hold on to power, to continue to plunder their nations wealth and the oppression of their people while the powers that be turning a blind eye to the gross human rights violations and savagery netted by these leaders on their own people.

The struggle against the presence of France and the United States in Africa must be waged by the masses on the basis of an international revolutionary program. The liberation of the masses cannot be achieved through the alteration of borders in favour of this or that country , but through the overthrow of dictators and the destruction of the imperialists drawn borders, which is an absolute barrier on the economic development of the oppressed countries.

Take Cameroon for example. Cameroon, Nigeria’s next door neighbor with a similarity of culture, trade more with Paris, a nation thousands of miless across the atlantic, than Nigeria. But Paris has more investments in Nigeria than all African Francophone states combined.

The accelerated militarization of Nigeria and bordering areas bear testament to the ulterior motives of France and the United States in West Africa. The total subordination of all Francophone states to the imperialist France and to some extent the U.S makes clear that countries in the region can only achieve real independence through a revolution by the people.

The powers that be are asserting direct control over the continents cheap labour and abundant natural resources. Colonial style occupation forces are conspiring with corrupt governments and militaries throughout the continent, making a complete mockery of the African states nominally ”independent” status.


French Sahel G-5’s growing military network. which reaches in ever corner of the continent, France already maintains an occupational force of thousands headquartered in Chad, given them the ability to carry out military operations or launch strikes at a moments notice throughout the Sahel desert, including Burkina-Faso,Mali,Niger and Chad.


The German government is developing a regional expeditinary Pioneer Regiment in coordination with Ghana, and German troops are already forward deployed in to outposts in Somalia, Central Africa, Sudan and Western Sahara.


While France’s strategic interest in Africa may be resourced based, for the United States its strategic. Nigeria is now a battleground for the battle for supremacy between the worlds unique superpower the United States, and the rising superpower China. America views Africa as a critical stake in its battle with Red China.

integrating Africa in Washington’s rebalancing act, America’s  its strategic pivot to Asia strategic pressure campaign against China will only succeed only if combined with coordinated political-military pressure against Chinese positions in Africa, which include substantial investments in oil and uranuim production in Nigeria and Niger respectively.

Ultimately, the unregulated predation of African resources could lead to regional hegemony exercised by China, therefore Africa must be included in America’s strategic shift to Africa if China’s rise is to be managed.


Nigeria is sitting on a tickling time bomb. The buildup of forces in all countries bordering Nigeria should keep Nigeria’s leadership up at night. The price the Nigerian government will pay for its complacency will be terrible. Nigeria is primed for a seismic event of apocalyptic proportion. An event that will eventually necessitate the direct intervention of France and the United States.

The claim of ISIS fighters flooding into Nigeria to use it as a base to attack American interests are is repeated endlessly by the U.S and European media and echoed by African political and military leaders in defense of the escalation. Nigeria does not seem to grasp the enormity of what is about to happen. Here is an editorial from the New York Daily News, that warned ;

A new axis of evil has emerged and its spreading across the continent. In a disturbing development ISIS commanders are sneaking in Jihadist to Nigeria. Rather than trying to expand like (like Al-Qaeda) from the centre, the Islamic State is mushrooming all over Nigeria’

Any rational thinking person will know this assertion is baseless. It doesn’t end there. Consider the comment made by the Chadian General Zakaria Ngobongue :

”The region is beset by cancer if extremism and demands a sustained international military intervention”

Incredible !

Far from fighting  against Islamist militants and extremism however, the US is pushing ahead with longstanding plans to assert more direct US control over Nigeria, which produces 2.5 millioh barrels a day, with a proven oil reserve of 40 billion barrels and home to West Africa’s main pipelines. This is the real source of the endless media hysteria over Boko Haram.

Nigeria has a small window of time to build up a credible deterrence before it crosses the point of no return. If that point is crossed, then Nigeria would in fact be deterred from an armed response to a new and more assertive US policy of any kind.

It seems Nigeria’s whole approach to the destabilizing and disturbing events (multiple unauthorized armed entry into Nigeria, murder of Nigerians, smuggling of arms to Boko Haram, anti Nigeria propaganda) in recent years has been premised on the judgment that Washington or France would not do something stupid.

Because they have gotten away with several unauthorized encroachment on Nigerian territory, countries like Chad or Cameroon  have always assumed that should such events happen again, Nigeria would do exactly what it has done until now: register ineffective protests but stop short of any steps that would risk a confrontation which might disrupt the wider relationship or lead to an armed clash.

This is how wars are unintentionally triggered. So far, their assumption has been correct. But if out of confidence they reach too far, Nigeria will face a very difficult choice. Backing down in the face of a more robust US/French policy would be a big loss for Nigeria, because much more is at stake-Nigeria’s leadership position in West Africa. On the other hand it will be hard for the U.S and France to back down from a confrontation with Nigeria.

The temptation brought about by Nigeria’s weak posture would sealed our doom.

Nigeria does not have to fight a major war in order to preserve its leadership in West Africa. It simply has to convince the enemy that it is willing and able to do so. Just as in the Cold War, America didn’t need to fight the Soviets to contain their challenge: it only needed to convince the Soviets that it would.

A visibly strong and capable military is what is be needed to preserve Nigeria’s leadership in the region and ward off any funny ideas of military adventurism on Nigerian soil like has been happening in recent years.


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