A Very Civil Real War Scenario is Coming

I look at the geopolitical events happening right now in the region, and ive been writing on it for months now, and i don’t trust any thing,…say regarding the ALLEGED presence of ISIS fighters in Nigeria, and the Western media’s willingness to blow it out of proportion without any shred of evidence to back up this story, in a region blistering with some of the worlds most sophisticated surveillance systems stretching from Cameroon through Nigeria, Niger,Chad and even Mali. We talking about SEVEN drone bases spread across six countries, three of which have satellites on orbit.

First the sudden rotation of commanders and deployment of forces in the Lake Chad basin. Chad announced plans to 2,000 troops to Niger to prepare a counterattack against a defeated  Boko Haram ? Cameroon to send 700 soldiers to its northeastern border in Lake Chad as part of a regional force to tackle armed groups in an area where Nigerian Islamist.

In response the Nigerian army sends an amphibious brigade to the Lake Chad basin. A week later the Nigerian Navy announces that gunboats have been deployed in the Lake Chad Basin as part of efforts to beef up security in the area and protect the nation’s territorial integrity.

Then the U.S Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power goes to Cameroon and announced from Cameroon nearly $40 million in new humanitarian assistance to support people whose lives have been affected by Boko Haram violence. This is a rogue state by the way, where the dictator Paul Biya continues to repress the English-speaking Southern Cameroonians, where political dissidents are kidnapped and taken straight to jail without due process of the law, and tortured.

What is the worlds oldest constitutional democracy doing in two of Africa’s only remain authoritarian states, Cameroon and Chad anyway? a proxy for Nigeria?

So where is this headed? more instability across horizon. Libya destroyed, West Africa descending into chaos, alleged ISIS presence in Nigeria, build up of forces in the Lake Chad region, and an ideological, soon to be physical civil war here in Nigeria. Muslim north vs Christian south, engineered to divide and conquer the masses.

So where is this headed? and can France and the United States expanding military presence been trusted? After having witnessed the assassination of Gadaffi, Saddam Hussein, the $500 million America sent to ”moderate terrorists” in Syria to topple the Syrian regime.

Are we to really believe that the United States, which owes $21 trillion in debt is willing to risk the political capital of spending billions of dollars of American taxpayers money into two of Africa’s most repressive regimes headed by two of Africa’s longest-serving dictators?, that the United States and France is doing all this to help and support regional countries in their fight against Boko Haram, build roads, infrastructure, starbucks on every corner? Are we really that dumb?

Although i’d love to believe all that. I’d like to believe what the media is telling me that America’s military presence and continuous military expansion in West Africa is all for the good of the region, and there’s nothing to fear.

Why is France, the United States, and Amnesty International ignoring the bloodbath that’s currently going on in Southern Cameroon? As of this writing 50,000 Southern Cameroonians have fled their homes, most into Calabar as refugees. Why is Amnesty International less vocal about this, but yet continuously accuse the Nigerian army of raping thousands of female captives without providing a shred of evidence? i mean….does that even make sense?

Why are increased tension all over the media regarding funali herdsmen on their rampage, Cameroon devolving into civil war, ISIS in West Africa, the rapid rise of Chad’s military industrial complex soon to rival or exceed that of Nigeria,…all happening at a time of increased U.S and French presence in the region.

Many think, that this is all nothing to be worried about, the Fulani bloodbath that is gradually creeping south is nothing to worry about, just local politics. But i beg to differ, this is actually the agenda of the Franco American power, so that the already overstretched Nigerian military machine, once the most feared in the region is decapitated, and when the shit hits the fan, there will be no option, no alternative than to allow the Franco-Americans intervene to secure the peace.

We are seeing it now happening smack right in front of our eyes. Is Nigeria not doomed for an unavoidable conflict? They have turned once peaceful and stable West Africa into the most unstable and terrorized hotpot in the world.

Once upon a time all we needed to worry about was occasional conflicts in Liberia and S-leone, but local in nature so easily handled. Today we are faced with AQUIM, Boko Haram, ISIS, ISIS West Africa, Islamic agitations and insurgency…..its exhausting.

But there is hope. Elements of the Nigerian military are beginning to connect the dot. Last  month Chief of Army Staff Tukur Buratai publicly said there is an external dimension to the problems that is bedeviling the nation. People are beginning to question the motivation for their presence, and what does the Franco American alliance do?


So here we have the French president suddenly itching to visit Fela’s Shrine in Lagos and meet young Nigerians. And what is the theme of his message to Nigerian youths?


Really? What is this, trying to start a revolution or what? So says the man who continues to fund and legitimize the continents only two dictatorships. Do you know how much peaceful and better West Africa will be if, like the Chinese the French and Americans started building roads, schools, institutions, infrastruture?

While China is engageing Africa economically and building rail infrastructure in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia,..the current AU building was built by China as a gift to Africa, what are the Franco Americans doing? …..that’s right, building military bases, drone bases, military alliances, Sahel Magreb force, Africom, surveillance facilities…….the list is endless.

It’s such a shame. Do you know how much better Nigeria would fair if the countries bordering Nigeria are democratic states where the rule of law exists? No democratic state, beholden to the people will tolerant the presence of foreign military boots on their soil, and they know it. Against this backdrop Chad and Cameroon will remain autocratic, and as long as our geopolitical foes are ruled by dictators Nigeria will never know peace.

You cannot attain national development without first having the means to secure your country. The fact that the rule of law does not exist in Chad and Cameroon is an indictment of the Nigerian government. Despite having Africa’s best brains we are ruled by incompetent, corrupt and old politicians who have no business running a company, much less a country.


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