The Balkanisation of Africa : A Strategic Aim of Several Foreign Powers. Part 1.

This expose will be in a three-part series. But first of all its imperative we examine why a country like Nigeria will never be allowed to rise to her full potential. Its a battle for survival etched on stone. No amount of appeasement will make them change their agenda. These powers have beyond reconciliation, and is carrying out unrestricted war against the Nigerian people.

For the sake of clarity the part one will touch only on Nigeria’s rise.

Nigeria’s extraordinary economic growth and active diplomacy are already transforming West Africa and future decades will see even greater increases in Nigerian power and influence. But exactly how this drama will play out is an open question. Will Nigeria overthrow the existing order created by the Franco American alliance or become a part of it? And what, if anything, France and the United States will do to maintain its position if Nigeria is allowed to rise.

The greatest counter intelligent assets Nigeria’s enemies have over us is that we all believe our problems are home-grown. Nigeria is the most ethnically diverse country in Africa, with over 250 different ethnic groups and over 500 languages, and given Nigeria’s history of ethic clashes and corruption, they can bring this nation to its knees without firing a shot by exploiting on Nigeria’s fragile socio-political landscape. They have perfected the concept of divide and rule and Maskirova, perhaps even more than the Russians.

But first of all how did the scramble for regional hegemony  in West Africa between Nigeria, the regions powerhouse and a country three thousand miles across the atlantic. For answers we must go back in time, back to the days of colonial rule.

Britannia’s Indirect Rule

What is indirect rule? It is a system of administration used by the British colonial government to govern the people through the use of traditional rulers and traditional political institutions.

The indirect rule system was introduced into to Nigeria by Lord Fredrick Lugard who was known to be the father of indirect rule in Nigeria. However, the cultures and traditions of the people were respected and retained by the British authorities in order to make them more acceptable and welcomed by the people.

This system worked out well due to the cooperation of the traditional chiefs who claimed that since their cultures and traditions were not tampered with, they have no problem dealing with the British officials, but this was to some extent. It will surprise many Nigerians to know that in the days of colonial rule, the vast majority of Nigerians never saw a white man.

The absence of the white man and the preservation of existing norms is what has made Nigerians a unique breed. Having never experienced racism and segregation at the hands of an alienrace, Nigerians have no concept of feeling inferior to the white man. Instead Nigeria’s cultural heritage is flaunted with pride and confidence with the kind of effusiveness most Africans see interprete as arrogance.

French Policy of Assimilation

France’s policy of divide and conquer and forced assimilation has to be among the top five crime against humanity. The effect on the victim will linger for hundreds of years.

The underlying policy was to enable France implant French culture and civilization on the people with the intention of suffocating the culture and fundamentalities of Africans. The policy of Assimilation can be strategically divided into three folds ranging; political, economic and socio-cultural.

Political Assimilation

The political administration of assimilation which was controlled from a centralized federation as the Federation of French West Africa had it headquarters at Dakar, Senegal. The laws for the administration, that is, obnoxious were deliberately made in France under the very watchful eyes of the legislative body in France.

There were the colonial minister, the governor-general, lieutenant-governors, the commandant du cercle, chef du subdivision and the puppets (dictators), African chiefs heading cantons. With this structure well entrenched and codified in place, the French government was ever more pig-headed to dance to the tune of “loot-all-natural-resources” given to Africans by nature and make them wallow in the abyss of poverty and agonies.

The political assimilation however, enfeebled the political authority, military, rulership and divine authourity of the chiefs who were made to become the elements of puppetism and stoogism. A tradition ex French colonies continues till this day.

Economic Assimilation

When it comes to pillaging on an industrial scale, leave that to the French government.
French policy of Assimilation is something straight out of the gates of hell. There is no better description. French colonies were made to produce raw materials particularly to feed French industries back in Europe.

Based on this, French interest was the premium. The natural resources were exploited to enable France compete favourable in the league of industrial competition taking place in Europe. All because of what? a mixture of jealousy, adoration and envy.

The embarrassing defeat of France at the hands of Germany for the second time, and of Britain’s heroic exploits in the war and the Americans coming in to once again clean up the mess Europe has created for the second time had a profiund effect on the French people.

The real victors of World War Two were Russia, by virtue of being the first to reach Berlin, Britannia, by virtue of fighting alone and holding off the Luftwaffe, never surrendering and the United States, by virtue of Liberating Europe and defeating the Japanese in the Pacific. After the war ended American troops remained in France, the sight of which reminded them of their capitulation and defeat.

To regain her sense of pride the French sought to build up her industrial capacity to match those of the United States and Britannia. To erase the stigma of defeat and to be seen as a powerful nation once again. To achieve this goal France was gonna need a hell lot of raw material and manpower. So began the pillage of French West Africa and the wiping away of a culture hundreds of years old.

French Colonial Pact, made it possible for France to dictate the economic and financial decisions of the colonies to favour or serve the interest of France and her citizens at the expense of the colonies. The colonial pact also forbade French colonies to engage in any foreign trade with Nigeria with the exception of France. What this then meant was that, France became the ‘god’ of trade for their colonies which even till date works like a generational ‘curse’.

It is however clear from the principle that, France did not only lord herself over the colonies but to the entrenchment of a “one-evil-route-trade” all in the name of serving the parochial selfish whims and caprices of France. France like any other European colonisers feared for losing their foul gain as a result of the lack of or inadequate resources they had.

Cultural and Social Assimilation

Another policy of Assimilation which is equally as dreadful is that of the socio-cultural assimilation. You gotta feel sorry for these guys. The cultural assimilation was solely meant to implant French culture on the local people thus distorting the cultural heritage of the local people. French civilization meant that, everything Africa was barbaric and ungodly, and that it beholds on the local people to accept and uphold their claim of their culture being divinely-ordained.

The social assimilation took on the harshest of all trend, thus dehumanising the Africa into the notorious system of indigent and presentation. The worrying thing was that, the slaves under the social ordinances or obnoxious laws were subjected to forced labour without any monetary payment.

The subjects did all the difficult works especially those conscripted into the army to work as auxiliaries. They were regarded as “Slaves” in their own homelands. The level of pillaging and crimes carried out by France on the people is unprecendented in human history.

The General Effects

The many uncurable problems confronting French West African countries today can all be stemmed from this system. The situation where France has over-lord herself over the French West African countries all are as a result of the French policy of Assimilation.

Even in 1958, when Sekou Toure and his Guinea voted against the French community, all the colonial ‘benefits’ Guinea had although it was generated from her own resources were destroyed with impunity. Charles de Gaule must have being very diabolic_wise to enable France envisage her vision which they (France) are enjoying today.

Leaders who decide not to walk the talk of France are quickly engulfed in the web of coup d’e tat machinated by France. If this is not pure EVIL then i dont know what is.

It’s such a shame that today, 14 West African countries after several years, say 50 years of independence from France still pay colonial ‘benefits’ to France. These countries are made to pay annual financial contributions over billions of Dollars to France simply because they are deemed by France to have benefited from them as a result of France colonising them.

Little wonder English speaking countries are much more prosperous and developed in contrast Francophones.


Francophone African states are the most backward and underdeveloped countries in Africa today. After destroying their cultural heritage and pillaging their homeland, even testing atomic bombs on their land, France refuses to integrate them into French society.

They are too African to be considered part of France and too French to be considered African. The only country that enjoyed that priviledge was Algeria, and it was brief. Francophone states are now forever reliant on France for economic development.

These countries sit next to Africa’s richest economy and one of the worlds largest and most dynamic consumer market, but yet must seek permision from Paris fist, which as expected is rejected.

So while France barres them from trading with Nigeria, the French themselves have tapped into Nigeria’s huge consumer market, investing in Nigeria than all Francophone countries combined.

On the flip side Francophone countries generally have powerful armies compared relative to the polar opposite. The dictators in power are furnished with relatively modern weapons, to not only suppress their population but to stand toe to toe with the Nigerian army. Strategic security treaties with their colonial master.

In this scenario we see Nigeria’s massive overwhelming military superiority in the region is actually pointless.

Regional enviroment

The Nigerian state is an anomaly, an oddity in a region like West Africa, with more people than the rest of the region combined. There are more Nigerians that there are Brits and French combined. Nigeria stands out in the poorest and least populated region in Africa.

Nigeria is in a league of its own economically. It has by far the largest economy in Africa.  The GDP of Lagos, one of Nigeria’s 32 states is bigger than all 16 ECOWAS member states including Cameroon and Chad combined. With a GDP in excess of $100 billion, all from the non oil sector the economy of Lagos exceeds that of East Africa’s two largest economies, Ethiopia and Kenya combined.

2018-04-24 01.42.56
One of Africa’s biggest ports. Lagos generates $90 billion a year.


Nigeria is in the league of few nations that actively and profitably export its culture. From Nollywood, which is the second largest movie industry on the planet by volume of movies produced, after Bollywood and third largest after Hollywood and Bollywood by revenue. Nigerian music has not only conquered Africa but is now gaining recogmition and momentum in Europe and the United States. Pax Nigeriana, Nigeria’s soft power is on steroids.


Nigeria returned to democratic rule in 1999 after 40 years of military dictatorship. powerful. In Economics analysts in 2010 predicted that by 2025 or 2030 Nigeria could overtake South Africa as Africa’s largest economy. In 2014 the size of the Nigerian economy had almost doubled that of South Africa to become Africa’s biggest economy with a GDP in excess of $560 billion.

There is no better example of Nigeria’s progress than in its  infrastructure. In the course  of a decade Nigeria has transformed its infrastruture to be among Africa’s best. The country is modernizing its infrastructure. Roads, bridges, railwayss etc. Three of Africa’s biggest infrastructural projects are currently being built in Nigeria.

Tinubu Square Lagos, 1960.
Tinubu Square, Lagos 2018.

2018-04-18 02.30.30.png

2018-04-18 02.11.03.png

2018-04-26 20.14.19.png

EKO Atlanic city is Africa’s biggest infrastructural project. Dubbed Africa’s Dubai, the city is being built on land reclaimed from the Atlantic ocean on reclaimed land. The scale of this project is far more impressive than the Islands China is building in the South China sea.

Pear Towers Eko Atlantic City, Lagos.


2018-04-25 16.29.38

2018-04-25 16.30.12

2018-04-25 21.46.48

2018-04-25 18.22.26

2018-04-25 22.01.46


Fifteen years ago the word Space program and Nigeria were not synonymous. Today Nigeria has Africa’s biggest Space program, and has out more satellites in orbit than the rest of the continent combined. The 4th satellite launched, NIGCOMSAT X was built wholly by Nigerian engineers in partnership with Surrey, a research university in Britannia. This has made Nigeria Africa’s preeminent space faring nation.

For some reason, developments in Africa barely makes front page news in the West, as it goes against the narrative of a Nigeria in turmoil, with Boko Haram running amok, school girls being kidnapped etc.

On December 2015, Nigeria beat NASA, the European Space Agency and the Russian Space Agency in the bid to manage Belarus satellites for 15 years. For a country than a decade ago had no space program , this feat is staggering. This is a big feat for Nigeria and clearly shows that NIGCOMSAT, and indeed Nigeria, has developed the capacity to provide highly technical services in the satellite communication industry.

This makes Nigeria the first African nation to compete at the international stage as a major player in space technology.

Why are these developments important? The evidence of ongoing operations to destroy the Nigerian Federation will be examined in detail in Part 2 of this expose.




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