The Real Reason for U.S Military Expansion in West Africa.

In 2014 Sudanese President said the CIA and Mossad, which by extension means the United State,  was behind Boko Haram, we all thought he was crazy. Today the Pentagon has deployed thousands of U.S troops to Africa as part of the Pentagons strategy to train and advice regional forces. The United States has been conspicuously absent in Africa for over a decade. Africa, the Hopeless continent as the Economist said, was not seen as a strategically vital to U.S interests. That is, until the Chinese moved in.

In recent years we have seen a disguised pivot to Africa on the part of the United States. The United States, a country near economic bankruptcy with ballooning debts has pumped hundreds of millions of dollars in Africa in recent times.

Nigeria is America’s 4th largest supplier of crude oil, accounting for eleven percent of all U.S oil imports, and this is not just any crude. Nigerian bonny light crude is attractive because of the ease of refinement. The United States has invested a lot in Nigeria. They have invested so much in the oi and gas sector and they need to protect that investment. In Iraq America spent trillions of dollars and young American blood and billions in rebuilding the country’s infrastructure, only to have the Chinese and Iranians secure lucrative oil and infrastructural contracts, with American companies losing out.

China’s economic influence in Africa, especially in infrastructural developments is the real reason for U.S troop expansion in Africa.  Its not to bring democracy or help the local populations, but to protect American interest. There is a new scramble for Africa, particularly between France and the United States on one hand and China on the other. To put things into perspective, the United States Navy operates its only permanent overseas naval base on the African continent at Camp Lemonnier in Ambouli on the southern side of Djibouti–Ambouli International Airport.

Then in August 2017 China opened its very own first oversea military base in Dbouti, effectively expanding China’s military projection capabilities in the Indian Ocean. Unable to match China economically the United States will use its military might if need be to protect her interest. In the space of just two years the United States has built four drone bases in West Africa. Each of these drone bases costs $100 million. America’s second drone base in Agadez, Niger Repoublic was recently completed in March to the tune of $200 million.

The U.S is borrowing massively to rebuild its infrastructure and there are signs it may raise the deficit to records high, that’s over $16 trillion in debt.Will a cash strapped America spend $1 Billion in three of the poorest and least developed countries in Africa just to help these dictatorial regimes monitor Boko Haram?



Unfortunately the U.S is able to get away with this because the American populace are basically ignorant. Most Americans don’t see the U.S as imperialistic, but that’s because most Americans are asleep in the snow. They are clueless, and their understanding of U.S foreign policy is in the level of seven-year olds.

The incredibly inept and corrupt government in Nigeria and the resultant social upheaval has provided the United States with a legitimate reason to come to the most resource rich region of the continent. The constellation of American drone outposts around Nigeria should keep the Nigerian government up and night.

Camp Lemonear, north of Somalia has been America’s main military facility on the continent for nearly a decade. It houses about 4,000 military and civilian personnel. But in 2014 it was forced to stop flying drones in the area after a string of crashes and growing anger from locals.

Just listen to the excited remark of John Kerry  :



But whats not so exciting is the astronomical growth of Jihadist and other militant groups on the continent. Thousands of American soldiers are gearing up for missions in Africa as part of the Pentagons new strategy to train and advice a African militaries to deal with the threat they created after they destroyed Libya and stood by and watched as Gadaffis vast armoury was looted and distributed to various extremists groups, chief among them ISIS and Boko Haram. It’s certainly not exciting for the two million Nigerians displaced from their homes by Boko Haram armed and equipped via proxy by the West.

The Americans have failed to combat terrorism in A-STAN or anywhere else. Their presence in West Africa will only bring more terrorists to the region. The most tragic thing is that we have ECOWAS countries laying down the red carpet for the United States and France to turn the region into a military warehouse. There is no sorrier case than the case of Ghana. A country so addicted to competition with Nigeria, its been blinded by its lovehate relationship with Nigeria and has effectively ended Ghana’s neutrality in the global power chess game.

Ghana, traditionally a docile country thinks this is an opportunity to be a good friend of the United States, maybe attract some investments. In their ignorance they fail to realize they risk losing an awful lot. Nigeria’s concern about the militarization of West Africa has fallen on deaf ears, this indicates Nigeria’s dwindling diplomatic influence.

The question Nigerians should ask themselves is this. How does a terrorist organisation manage to surface practically overnight, which is capable of committing terrorist attacks on a scale that sees them relegate ISIS to second place as the deadliest terrorist group the world has ever seen. Where do they get the weapons and knowhow from to make bombs and improvised devices? and most importantly who is going to benefit from the destabilization of Nigeria, a country with the 10th largest proven oil reserve in the world.?..and what terrorist organization carries out its first suicide bombing attack on a United Nations building?

There is no doubt that the CIA, and by extension the United States and France are responsible for the creation of Boko Haram as part of a U.S destabilization campaign against Nigeria.  As far back as 2009 the CIA predicted a breakup of Nigeria by the year 2015 and even held wargames mimicking the scenario. What country spends millions of dollars carrying out military exercises in preparation for the breakup of another country?

The reason for the destabilization campaign is Nigeria’s increasing influence amongst West African states. After 40 years of military rule Nigeria returned to democracy in 1999, modeling its system of government to that of the United States down to the architecture. Within a decade this once impoverished nation has grown exponentially to become Africa’s richest economy by a large measure. Nigeria’s very large and powerful military was tampered down with Nigerian soft power and culture in such a way that the tiny ECOWAS member states, while awed by Nigeria’s size and power had to reason to fear a potential Nigerian expansionist agenda, a trait very rare among powerful countries.

Nigeria’s growth has benefited ECOWAS member states. This remarkable progress, in contrast to Francophone states casted a bad light on France. It is an embarassment that the only remaining autocratic regimes and the poorest and least developed African states are all former French colonies.

Perhaps what the Franco-American alliance feared more was Nigeria’s pervasive culture and ECOMOG. ECOMOG is Africa’s most successful military alliance. It was created by several ECOWAS member states for military support to be able to help each other in the case of crises or revolt and to prevent civil wars.  This growing influence by Nigeria is not favoured by the strategic influence of the United States and France.

Most troubling to the U.S is Russia’s, North Korea and China’s increasing engagement with Nigeria in the economic and defence sphere. To forestall the rise of Nigeria the shadow government of the United States, utilizing the CIA began to take actions to check Nigeria’s rise before it became too powerful. The ineptitude and corruption of Nigeria’s leader made their job much easier.

A wikileaks document revealed that the U.S embassy in Nigeria has been used for destabilizing actions against the Nigerian States. This entailed the wire tapping and blackmailing of leading politicians, as well as the financing of rebel groups, with the largest of them being Boko Haram.

It is reported that Boko Haram has been receiving training and indoctrination for quite some time along the border with Niger, Chad and Cameroon. What do these countries have in common? They are all dictatorships. Idris Derby and Paul Biya have held onto power for 30 years and 37 years respectively. They all house American and French drone bases. They all have strategic military partnerships with these two countries.

Jobless and disguised northern youths were gathered and trained in these camps to be insurgents. The goal of the CIA, after studying Nigerian culture was to social unrest and strife along  religious and ethnic lines so that by the time of the next elections in 2015 Nigeria will be divided so badly that inevitably the United States and France will have to come to an intervention. A divisive tactics we have already seen in Libya, Syria and Ukraine. The winner will be the USA, which will then contain the Chinese and Russian engagement in Nigeria, and secure Americas access to the oil and other raw materials in the country. We talking about 40 BILLION barrels in oil reserve worth an estimated $3 trillion USD.

Just three days before the 2015 elections, while rich and unpatriotic Nigerian celebrities were running to London (to escape what was to come), President Obama sent a detachment of 600 U.S Marines to Ghana, ready to move into Nigeria and evacuate Americans and other westerners trapped in Nigeria. Unfortunately they underestimated the resolve of Nigerians to stay united. Rather than civil war the election turned out to be the freest and most peaceful the nation has ever witnessed and the first peaceful transfer of power from an incumbent to the elected.

Fast forward today. The Nigerian military, thanks to Russian and Chinese weapons have managed to roll back Boko Haram advances, taken back all lost territories and pushed Boko Haram out of its impregnable fortress in the Sambisa forest. The Sambisa forest in itself has been turned into a shooting range for the Nigerian army and sporting competition. One would think that with the weakening of Boko Haram Nigeria’s socio-political climate would have cooled off to allow for reconstruction and development. Instead we are now faced with he spectre of another conflict borne along ethnic and religious lines, a conflict that threatens tobe more destructive than Boko Haram. All this is happening at a time of an increase in American presence in the region.

Its high time Nigerians really begin to examine precisely about the real motive when countries like the United States and France suddenly engage as super saviours in countries that are rich in raw materials. Nigerians should also examine the motive as to why French-speaking countries and relatively rich countries like Morocco, a country with an ego so big it moved out of the OAU and requested membership in the European Union, decides to join ECOWAS, a relatively unstable and impoverished region. Nigerians should also ponder the reason behind Tunisia’s bid, coming shortly after Morocco’s bid was approved.


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