NIGERIA not a Failed State

America has never reckoned with its arrogance and cruelty and how its actions affects millions. Instead, it developed a defensive mythology of American exceptionalism, leader of the free world.

America finds it really hard to relate as a more or less “normal” country to other countries, but in their ignorance meddle into the affairs of countries, accusing countries of Human Rights Violations in the most disrespectful of manners. This is bound to lead to large numbers of people having a very negative opinion of USA.

There is no better example of American ignorance and arrogance as this report by the Conversation.

Why Cant Nigeria Defeat Boko Haram

This report from the CONVERSATION on Nigeria’s war effort and national development as a whole was uncomplimentary in many senses. It spoke of worsening abuses of the rights of Nigerians.  The 48-page report summarily said civilian authorities and the political leadership have failed to effectively bring under control armed state and non-state actors accused of perpetrating human rights abuses.

This report is unaccurate and reeks of arrogance.

Muhammadu Buhari, a disciplinarian former military leader, came to power in Nigeria with a specific mandate to improve on his inept predecessor’s inability to confront the Islamist terror group Boko Haram, which has torn a terrifying path across the country. Even after the world rallied to help Nigeria rescue the 276 schoolgirls the group kidnapped in 2014, little if any headway was made, and Goodluck Jonathan, then the president, was duly turfed out of office in a reassuringly orderly election...

Here we have a classic example of American ignorance and arrogance. First of all the world has not rallied to help Nigeria…on the contrary the United States has used its economic and diplomatic clout to cripple Nigeria’s effort to defeat Boko Haram.

At the peak of Syrian crises 65 (SIXTY FIVE) nations were involved in the fight against ISIS in Syria. America alloted $500 million to train 50 (FIFTY) Moderate Terrorists, or what ever misnomer they choose to call it. Nigeria at this time was in its six-year battle against Boko Haram ALONE.  It should be noted that at this time, Nigeria did not seek international assistance.

The same period America was sending $500 million to train 50 terrorists in Syria, Nigeria’s was effort was being crippled. The U.S blocked the sale of helicopter gunships from Israel to Nigeria. Though the resale of decommissioned gunships was approved by Israel’s Defense Ministry, Washington nixed the deal over concerns that the Nigerian government was not doing enough to avoid civilian casualties in its ongoing fight with the Islamist terror group Boko Haram,.

Apparently it is a noble act for Barack Obama to sell arms to Saudi Arabia, the bastion of human rights and the champion of rights for women and minorities.

Nigeria then turned to Brazil and reached an agreement for the purchase of Super Tucano aircraft, an aircraft optimized for COIN operations.

Once again the U.S blocked Nigeria from acquiring the fighter ground attack aircraft considered crucial in the ongoing campaign against Boko Haram in the North-East. It was gathered that the leadership of the Nigerian Armed Forces had taken a decision to replace the ailing Alpha jet platform of the Nigerian Air Force with the newer A-29 Super Tucano. But the Brazilians, who were initially enthusiastic about the deal, suddenly became reluctant.

A source said that the US had told the Brazilians, who acquired 99 of the aircraft from the US firm, Embraer Defence System, that the aircraft deal be put on hold due to human rights issues involving the military.

Before this US had blocked the immediate past administration of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan from acquiring Boeing CH-47 Chinok helicopters from Israel in January 2015 purportedly due to human rights issues involving the military.

Lets continue.

Buhari’s victory was a chance to turn the tide. But 15 months after he took the helm, Boko Haram has not been defeated – and the huge majority of the 276 kidnapped schoolgirls remain unrescued.

There are three main reasons for this, each of which speaks to Nigeria’s general position of decline and incapacity, of corruption and squandering. Buhari has made no real progress with society at large and scant progress with his military.

Goodluck Jonathan did provide large sums of money to re-equip his floundering soldiers on the frontline with Boko Haram. They had been outgunned and out-manoeuvred by an enemy with faster vehicles and greater firepower. But of the funds earmarked for the fight, plenty never reached the soldiers at the front; large sums were apparently stolen by corrupt generals who were willing to let their men die.

….Another example of American ignorance and arrogance.

The Honourable Minister of International Development and la Francophonie’ Canada, Marie-Claude Bibeau has commended the Nigerian Military for the successes so far recorded in the fight against Insurgency..

The United Kingdom has expressed satisfaction with the successes recorded so far by the Armed Forces of Nigeria in the tackling of Boko Haram insurgency in the North East.

Still, even if the funds had reached the front, they wouldn’t necessarily have been used to buy the right equipment. The Nigerian army’s performance in West African mulitateral missions has earned it a reputation for being rough and indiscriminate – its strategies relying principally on heavy bombardment. In the thick forests where Boko Haram has some of its strongholds this makes little sense – especially given the army has little to no precise intelligence on where its enemy is.

Reconnaissance equipment and aerial heat-seeking capacity would depend on helicopters, drones and aircraft, and the military is not well supplied with those. Buying armoured cars is of no use so long as Boko Haram has lighter, faster vehicles.

…….this assertion is rife with ignorance and lies

If there is one thing the Nigerian Military is good at, its intelligence gathering. Nigeria has Africa’s most advanced ISR

Image result for Nigerian Air Force ATR-42

Image result for Nigerian Air Force ATR-42

Image result for Nigerian Air Force ATR-42

Even with the right equipment, military strategy is critical – but there’s no evidence that Buhari’s generals are adequately schooled in modern counterinsurgency tactics. And even where there is some genuine leadership, discipline among the frontline troops can be appalling. Wiping out the villages they are sent to protect doesn’t exactly win hearts and minds.

Soldiers from other national armies are fighting Boko Haram along their borders with Nigeria. But their countries are generally not in meltdown and Boko Haram does not control vast swaths of their territories – nor do their local political figures need to invoke the threat of Boko Haram to leverage their positions.

Things fall apart

This fits into a more general malaise that is eating away at Nigerian society, and which Buhari seems equally unable to address.

Something is rotten in Nigeria – and something peculiarly Nigerian at that. Violence has ticked up again in the Niger Delta, the Christian-Islamic divide is as great as it was when Buhari took office, and his painstakingly chosen cabinet has no great accomplishments to its name.

Everyone who seeks power still seems to be serving vested interests or pursuing personal gain. There is, in many respects, no longer a Nigeria. The name describes little more than a nation-sized slush fund.

All the while, the catastrophic insurrection in the north goes on. The army periodically claims Boko Haram is defeated or on the verge of defeat – and Boko Haram then proves it isn’t. In many ways, it seems better organised and more resilient than the army or the government itself.

On all current indications, Buhari’s return to power is a sad disappointment, and those who want to give him more time find it hard to argue their case. The anguished parents of missing schoolgirls, those who’ve fled shattered villages, and those maimed in suicide bomb attacks are all still wondering why he’s taking so very long even to get started.

Articles like this are part of the reason the United States has lost its standing in the world. Articles of this nature simply reinforce negative stereotypes. It is true governance in Nigeria is at a low ebb and that corruption is rife.

However, it is also true that in this huge country there is a demographic that includes increasing numbers of young, well-educated, entrepreneurial high achievers who are slowly changing the landscape of a country not much more than 5 decades in existence.

(Over 70% of Nigerians are younger than 30). To say it is reduced to a ‘nation sized slush fund’ shows disrespect for the next generation who were born after independence and who have the long uphill task of developing their nation. Besides, in the United States, the worlds oldest constitutional democracy, African-Americans were only allowed to vote in the 70s.

Modern Nigeria emerged through the merging of two British colonial territories in 1914. The amalgamation was an act of colonial convenience. It occurred mainly because British colonizers desired a contiguous colonial territory stretching from the arid Sahel to the Atlantic Coast, and because Northern Nigeria, one of the merging units, was not paying its way while Southern Nigeria, the other British colony, generated revenue in excess of its administrative expenses. But despite all this dare say Nigeria is doing remarkably well for a nation that came into existence 50 years. It survived a civil war and has become one of the most developed nations in Africa and is the continents largest economy.

Perhaps the autho

Far two often Americans judge themselves by their best intentions, while judging others by their worst intentions.


Majority of the Chibok girls have been released, through negotiations and military actions.

The so-called Christian-Muslim divide is partly exacerbated by viewpoints like yours because your never hear talk of this divide in the UK yet, tensions along these lines exist.

The Nigerian Army has performed excellently in several peace-keeping missions for over six decades including bringing peace to Liberia and Sierra Leone and of recent Gambia through ECOMOG.

Granted corruption in the GEJ era made them underperform but, President Buhari has shown by actions and works that this is no longer the case. In the area of security, President Buhari has succeeded where his predecessor failed.

Americans need to reinforce the stereotype that Nigeria is a failed nation because it is not. The first pictures of Hurricane Katrina was taken by a Nigerian satellite. Nigeria’s handling of the EBOLA scare in West Africa prompted Barack Obama to send a team of specialist to study how Nigeria was able to contain and defeat the Ebola virus through its unique contact tracing method.

The CIA who predicted that Nigeria will cease to exist as a nation by 2015 have been proven wrong. Nigeria has challenges just like every nation on earth but it is working in its own way to deal with them. America is not perfect either.

It took a coalition of 65 countries to defeat ISIS in Syria.

America is the richest country the world has ever seen yet 41 million Americans are living in poverty, the size of the Middle Class is shrinking and high-paying jobs (factory work) are leaving the U.S..

There is an estimated 49.1 percent of all Americans who need help from the government. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Snap) feeds 1 in 7 people, according to Bloomberg news. The study has found that 553,742 people were homeless on a single night this year, a 0.7% increase over last year. Infrastructure crumbling, roads and bridges collapsing, gun violence on an all time high. As of this minute there’s breaking news. A gunman armed with a long gun opened fire at the Capital Gazette building in Annapolis, Maryland.

How can this happen in America ? the wealthiest country the world has seen, the worlds biggest economy since 1786.





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