Steel Rain !!



One Reply to “Steel Rain !!”

  1. “I know not the weapons with which WWIII would be fought. But I know that WWIV would be fought with sticks and stones”- Albert Einstein.

    No sane nuclear-armed nation would dare attack another nuckear -armed nation because of the fear of Mutual Assured Destruction. MAD has kept the ‘peace’ for 70 years and I pray it continues to do so. If ,by whatever means and by whatever reason, there is a nuclear exchange between nuclear armed nations , even limited to a mere 100 warheads of 100KTN yields, the planet would be so devastated that surviving humans would have to live underground (or special conditioned habitats) for decades if not centuries.

    I hope this fear will help us to maintain our sanity until humanity eventually comes to its senses a out WMD.

    Its noteworthy that humans have stockpiled enough bombs to destroy the Earth 50 times over! We want to make the rubbles bounce!


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