The Net Effect of Western Imperialism.

There are no exact statistics, but between 20,000 to 30,000 civilians have died in the richest and most powerful black nation in the world since 1999 when the Boko Haram conflict went hot. But countries like Nigeria and Ghana are lucky in a sense. In Africa, France is plundering with absolute impunity and disregard for human lives any African country with French connection.

The poorest and ;east developed countries on the continent are Francophone countries. Niger, Chad, Mali, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic etc are the poorest and least developed countries in the region.

The DRC is unimaginably rich in natural resources, from Coltan, to Uranium and Diamonds. And that is its curse, its nightmare.

The death and destruction brought about by French engagement in Africa is nothing short of a war crime. Look at the poor pitiful country of the CAR. The weapons used in Central Africa are were imported from Libya and elsewhere on the continent, undermined mainly by Western geopolitical interests

After the French inspired NATO air campaign in Libya, little or no efforts were made by the ”Avengers” to secure Libya’s incredibly vast weapons arsenal. After destroying Libya NATO watched as Muammar Gaddafi vast weapons amoury was smuggled to Egypt and to all corners of Africa, including Nigeria,Mali and DR Congo.

The security situation in Africa was changed forever. It is now easy to purchase grenade launchers, mortar rounds, surface-to-surface missiles, and automatic weapon. In 2015 when Nigerian air power began wreaking havoc the rank of Boko Haram, the Personal Assistant to Chadian strongman was caught by Nigerian soldiers at the border trying to smuggle SA-7 surface to air missiles to Boko Haram, with a note from Idris Derby expressly requesting he be let through to delivery these deadly missiles to Boko Haram

Another destabilized country on the African continent, Somalia, is awash smuggled in from Libya. The trickle down economy of sale now means guns and other weapons are cheap and easily accessible.

What France and the United States  are doing all over this continent and all over the world, is a much greater terrorism and it triggers terrible consequences that at the end of the day affects everybody. If you are in the armament industry this is the golden age, because arms sales are racing north.

Weapons are spreading all over Africa, and so are the angry, frustrated men and women coming from the nations converted into combat zones: from Mali to Niger, DR Congo to Somalia.

Talking of Somalia. Another sorry case. This is a country that has borne the brunt of American meddling and now those countries that sought to assist the Americans in their efforts are bearing the brunt. The country is awash with guns and ammo. This in itself  has created a self sustaining economy among the Somali people. The strong position that the Somali community holds in the above-named commercial activities gives it an advantage when it comes to the movement of illegal arms. They have the money, the ability to move it, and the capacity to transfer the arms they have bought. Kenya and Uganda are in peril.

Enter Nigeria.

Nigeria is suffering from repeated attacks and massacres conducted by the brutal Muslim organization, Boko Haram. In December 2011 an Algerian based CIA wing gave out $40 million naira as a planned long-term partnership with Boko Haram with a PLEDGE TO DO MORE

The turmoil in Africa today is not borne out of natural causes but by designed. Designed by a very clever with unlimited resources. Very CLEVER.

To put things into perspective, The US armed Saudi Arabia who in turn armed the Libyan rebels, that in turn armed Malian rebels and Boko Haram, a chain tacitly predicted by the CIA…

Its such a sad case. Africa, a victim of the most excessive forms of colonialism, including slavery and genocides performed by European powers is still losing sons and daughters to the machinations of these powers.

It is not only because of the direct attacks or actions committed by European powers and the United States. Distant conflicts on the continent fueled by Western interests can easily send millions of desperate people to all corners of Africa. And with them come weapons and ammunition, as well as men, women and even children, ready to join any cause and any gang, just to belong and survive.



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