Distract Deceive Destroy.

Despite evidence to the country the Western Media insists Boko Haram is in control of six Nigerian states despite unwavering claims by the Nigerian government it has defeated Boko Haram. They cite anonymous sources that say Boko Haram even mount roadblocks, conducting stop and search operations the way the military does and the militants were collecting taxes from citizens in return for what they said was “protection”.

The Nigerian military has time and again refuted these claims insisting no territory is currently under Boko Haram control and have called for the release of evidence to substantiate the claims of Western media

The narrative they are trying to paint is obvious. Despite impressive gains, they portray the Nigerian military as largely ineffective and the Islamist sect still pose a threat to countries in the Lake Chad basin.

Whether the media narrative is deliberate or bourne out of ignorance, the narrative created gives you an idea of the trajectory the security situation of the region is headed.

The first major lie is the notion that The Lake Chad basin is ground zero in the fight against militant Islam in Africa. Nothing could be further away from the truth. The Lake Chad area is probably the most heavily militarized region in all of Africa at the moment.

Were talking about ;

Two Reaper drone Bases in Cameroon.

Related image

Two Reaper drone Bases in Niger Republic.

Related image

Sattelite image of a new drone base in Agadez Niger.
Construction of a hangar on the new American drone base last week in Agadez, Niger. 

One French Reaper drone Base in Chad.

A drone sits at a French army base in Niamey, Niger. France and the United States have ramped up their cooperation in Africa to counter terrorist threats. (Martin Bureau/AFP/Getty Images)

A French Air Base in Chad housing Rafee fighters.

One Reaper Drone base in Mali with another currently under construction.

One Squadron of Mirage and Rafale fighters in Mali.

Lets remember the Reaper Drone is the most technologically advanced attack drone in the world.

Related image

On the ground there are between four to six thousand French and American troops in Mali, Chad and Niger.


There are between 500 to 100 American troops in Garoua, Cameroon.

AGOW drops the base
Airmen unload a C-130J Super Hercules during a deployment in Agadez, Niger, on April 29, 2016.

On the Nigerian side the NAF operates a tactical attack squadron of four CH-3 Rainbow attack drone. Nigeria acquired five CH-3 UCAV’s from China in 2014, and lost one to attrition.

For two consecutive years the  Nigerian Army has held its Small Arms Championship (NASAC), with firepower demonstration in the 66,000 kilometers Sambisa forest, the hitherto impregnable fortress of the Sambisa forest.

Yet what they want us to believe is that Boko Haram somehow manages to hold its own against the three most powerful armies in the region, Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon, backed by the two most powerful countries in the Western World in a region ringed by 6 Reaper drone bases, Rafale and Mirage jet fighters and six thousand French and American troops.

So Boko Haram, without a base of operation has managed to defeat the Nigerian army, Nigerian Air Force, evade the prying eyes of American satellites, Nigerian drones and reconnaissance aircraft, French and American Reaper drones ,Mirage and Rafale fighter jets and then pose an existential threat to Nigeria.Cameroon,Niger and Chad.

A dangerous narrative is being pushed here. A narrative that after a coalition of 65 countries defeated ISIS in Syria, there is a growing alliance between the ISIS and Boko Haram. An alliance that will eventually transform itself into an anti-western and anti-American force.

In the last few years Washington has dedicating more assets to gather intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance in the Lake Chad region, yet ISIS is able to all the way from Syria, perhaps from Libya move men and material and infrastructure from the Sahel region to West Africa, set up training camps …all requiring an immense amount of infrastructure, undetected?

The US currently has 6,200 troops who are engaged in 26 locations across the African continent, and knowing the Americans i can tell you the vast majority of these troops are Special Operations Forces.

This year, the Pentagon has proposed spending $200 million (177 million euros) to assist military forces of Niger,Chad and Cameroon with training and equipment. In addition to that, another $100 million drone base in the Agadez region of Niger is currently under construction. Once completed, the base will be used to fly the Reaper surveillance aircraft over the Lake Chad basin region.

The Americans are trying very hard to downplay the military influence that the US is currently projecting in and around Lake Chad basin. They want us to believe the US military presence in the region is extremely small, and its size and importance are exaggerated.

We also hear of the US pledged $237 million to assist victims of Boko Haram. To who this money goes to is a question of debate.

In January 2015 the U.S blocked the sale of combat helicopters from Israel to Nigeria. Negotiations had been started, but Israel’s defence ministry ordered them to stop following a request by Washington, says a source familiar with the process.

Asset Image

The US administration probably does not want to be involved in any way in the domestic war in Nigeria between the nation’s army and Boko Haram militants, the source added. Suddenly the U.S is super interested in one of the poorest regions on earth. Risking political backlash by legitimizing and propping up dictators, spending billions of dollars in military infrastructure in the poorest region of the continent.





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