Response to Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo Disparagement of Nigeria.

The recent disparagement meted on Nigeria by Ghana President Nana Akufo-Addo Speech at 2018 Oxford Africa Conference in London is a clear symptoms of how successful the Powers that be have been in fracturing the strong economic, military and diplomatic bond English West Africans once shared, a bond that was the envy of French West Africa.

The hypocrisy and absurdity of this speech is evident given the fact Ghana just signed a deal that allows U.S military to set up base in Ghana, Americas first military foothold on Anglophone West Africa, thereby joining the ranks of Niger, Chad and Cameroon as a base for the U.S military.

Anti-Nigerianism has grown to epic proportion in the region that was once under Nigeria’s sphere of influence. Lies and conspiracy theories are being launched by french and American propaganda machines, leveraging on the already negative stereotyping Nigeria has.

These theories accuse Nigeria of being the cause of the problems facing the region. It’s a very serious problem for the future relations between Nigeria and the rest of West Africa, who are quick to forget the immeasurable sacrifice Nigeria has made to keep ECOWAS the most democratic and one of the economically prosperous region in Africa.

But as always, dependent countries in the region will always find something to gripe about when it comes to Nigeria. It’s always been this way. Nigerians bring crime, Nigerians controlling our economy, Nigerians stealing our women Nigeria this Nigeria that.

Anti Nigerianism, especially in Ghana as become almost uncontrollable. It has possessed them like a disease. It rises in their throat like an acid reflux . . . they can’t keep it down any longer. Ghanaians see themselves as vastly different from Nigeria, yet in some parts of the world we are indistinguishable. They detest Nigeria’s influence yet cannot do without Nigerian music and culture.

It seems perverse, then, that anti-Nigerianism is the only face of xenophobic stereotyping still broadly accepted in all parts of Africa. If, at a dinner party, you imitated the way Chinese people speak, laughed about their stupidity, their “slitty eyes” and their lack of grace, you could safely expect never to be invited back. But no one thinks twice about calling Nigerians criminals,dumb, fat and loud uncultured, and we have guys like Falz promoting that stereotyping all in the name of music.

Africa’s aversion to Nigeria reaches far beyond the political sphere. It is not a question of what Nigeria”does”, but of its essence: of what it “is”.

Now, Nigeria might be detested and hated in French speaking West Africa. There has been historic animosity between Nigeria and Francophone West Africa. France feared Nigeria’s “castrating” power long before it grew into an 800-pound “gorilla”, and did everything in their power to denigrate Nigeria.

Nigeria has practically gone to war with one military skirmishes nearly escalated to full blown war with another. Couple that with years of French indoctrination and you see the people in these countries have legitimate reasons to hate Nigeria.

But this should not be the case in Ghana. Nigeria has done more for the region that Ghana can ever hope to. Ghanaians have an inferiority complex, which is hard to explain. Just days ago i was watching a program on Joy Tv, a Ghanaian televisoon station whereby the topic of contension was that Dangote is not the richest man in Africa. Nigerians are full of hype. You cannot make this up. Ghanas obsession with Nigeria is without parallel. They love the country they pretend to hate.

At the end of the day though, it boils down to resentment, resentment emanating from the fact that TWICE now, Nigeria has had to sacrifice untold thousands of its young people to rescue West Africa from the folly of senseless ethic crimes. A job the United States wasn’t keen on taking up.

Dear Ghanaians who look down their noses at Nigerians,

Let’s get to the real reason you hate us. Well, reasons. In the spirit of civility, I’ll ignore the obvious jealousy of our superiority is basically every indices of national development and clout.

Africans often talk of Nigerian “arrogance.” How people abroad don’t like us. Partly because of this supposed arrogance. Well, after thinking about it, after praying about it, after writing a lengthy pro/con list, I’ve come to a serious conclusion: I have zero craps to give. Go ahead, call us arrogant. Stand on top of a table in a snooty French restaurant and mock the Oga boys. My blessing? You have it. Get the point?

We have plenty of good reasons to believe we’re better than other Africans. Mainly because we are. The key to pulling off arrogance is similar to mastering a great suit. Believe it. Live it. Love it. I’ve embraced Nigerian arrogance more heartily than you’ve embraced the Liberian refugees.

Trigger Arrogance Warning:

We’re the only regional power to remain superpower of the region without simply conquering and imposing our interest on you our economic and military power, despite the fact that we could. Why could we? Picture the economy of Lagos, or the size of our military.

We have the biggest armies, navies, and air power. Ghana is allowed to exist as a sovereign nation by Nigeria’s merciful grace. Could we conquer them and take their stuff? Sure. Could they do anything about it? No. Do we? No. For a regional power that id dominant in economy, demography, diplomacy, culture, milittary, intellectually…throughout history, that’s a first. Again I invite you to chew on that. I’d encourage you to gargle afterward (no more, I promise).

“Oh Nigerians think it’s their job to police ECOWAS!” said every non-champion who left the birth canal reluctantly. If you follow my blog you will see im generally a non-interventionist when it comes to ECOWAS, but you know why people believe Nigeria should police the region? Because we’re the only ones who can. See above paragraph regarding our fantastic military might.

But the United Nations! They’re the real peace keepers in the world!” Okay, now that’s just stupid.. Look it, all of these international agreements are designed to ride on American coat tails. But of course, i wouldn’t expect you to understand, considering

To this day, who do ECOWAS nations call when they’re up feces creek with nothing but a spatula? It’s not Ghana. Even if you just became Americas newest aircraft carrier in West Africa. Here’s a hint: it’s not the Britain. Nope, not Gambia. Not the Ivory Coast. Keep guessing, you’ll get there.

Also Nigeria and Ghana are practically the only country in West Africa with freedom of speech. So that’s a pretty big one. Best point for last. Free speech means I can call all you Ghanaians spineless, toothless, cotton-headed ninnymuggins without political repercussions. Same way you deem it fit to shamefully disparage your only powerful ally in the region that guarantees you access to a market of 200 million people, people you emulate yet shamelessly disparage right in front of the world.






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