Check Out Nigeria’s High Tech Electronic Shooting Range.

Running a conventional shooting range requires a lot of capital. Thousand of dollars spent on ammunition alone. This does not include the damages brought about by live munitions and of course the risk of serious injuries by accident.

For cost effectiveness the Nigerian Air Force has installed a number of Electronic Shooting Range facilities.

Any scenario can be created for training purposes. Moving targets, stationary targets can all be simulated without the resultant destruction of facilities. It’s cost-effective, very flexible, safe and require minimal maintenance.

2018-06-02 21.59.52

2018-06-02 22.00.17

2018-06-02 22.06.08

2018-06-02 22.04.19

2018-06-02 22.13.26.png

2018-06-02 22.05.13

2018-06-02 20.52.38

2018-06-02 20.53.14

2018-06-02 22.07.46

2018-06-02 22.03.08


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