Inside Nigeria’s Ultra-modern Defence HQ

Inside this building lies the heart of one of Africa’s largest and most powerful armed forces. 

2018-05-27 12.36.30.png

In the main room the all in one Lectern from connected to four 80 inch LED displays.

2018-05-27 10.35.58.png

Palm zoom and tilt cameras are remotely controlled to view and record different sections of the room.


2018-05-27 10.46.39

2018-05-27 12.33.16

Multi touch screen is used for easy, sleek and interactive presentation from the podium.

2018-05-27 12.32.55.png


2018-05-27 10.59.36
Interactive pen display allows presenters to directly annotate from the screen and save all information for future use.

The sound system include smart personal microphones controlled through the main control system.


2018-05-27 11.19.07


2018-05-27 12.32.22.png

Presentation from the two smart podiums is being routed through an HD metrics. The tech poduim control panel allows easy and simple switching between the different presentation sources.

2018-05-27 11.33.27

2018-05-27 11.34.07


The high end room is being used for the most important armed forces meetings and press conferences.


2018-05-27 12.58.17

2018-05-27 12.56.39

2018-05-27 12.56.04




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