Part 2: The Making of an Airman

Basic Flying Training in the Nigerian Air Force for fighter pilots and heavies (NAF palant for transport plane) is usually conducted at the 403 Flying Training School in Kano. While potential helicopter gunship pilots are proceed directly to the International Helicopter Flying School in Enugu, the only combat helicopter flying training school in West Africa.

During the basic flying training, NAF student pilots undergo another ground school,  taking cognizant and flying actual warplanes and helicopter gunships.

Flying fast jets for the very first time can be a nerve racking experience. For this reason well furnished flight line houses are made available to the pilots to make them comfortable and relaxed.

2018-06-02 23.40.31

2018-06-02 23.41.33

The International Helicopter Training School and Combat Helicopter Training School are meeting the demand for combat pilots in the NAF. 

2018-06-02 23.46.31

2018-06-02 23.54.41

2018-06-02 23.56.32

2018-06-02 23.57.05

2018-06-02 23.57.36

2018-06-02 23.53.17

2018-06-02 23.52.31

2018-06-02 23.55.33

2018-06-02 23.56.03

2018-06-02 23.53.53







Briefing for a formation flying training mission.

The student pilots go on to consolidate with more flights until cleared by the instructor pilot as having completed the basic flying training and acquiring a minimum of 120 total flying hours in the process.

2018-06-03 00.04.57.png


2018-05-25 18.31.20.png

2018-05-25 17.08.14

2018-05-25 18.22.00.png


2018-05-25 18.28.00.png

2018-05-25 18.28.35.png

It’s only after the successful completion of the basic flying training that the Nigerian Air Force student pilots are winged in a colourful celebration.

Winging ceremony after basic training.

2018-05-25 14.24.26

2018-05-25 14.24.48






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