What’s going on in one of Africa’s most stable country?

Ghana is generally regarded as the most peaceful and stable democracy  on the continent.  Ghana is the second most developed West Africa after Nigeria,with the second biggest economy, a relatively less corrupt government and some of the best tertiary institutions in the region.

But in 2015 that stability was rocked after clashes broke out when some butchers at Bimbillah in the Nanumba North District refused to recognise Yakubu Dasana Andani as the regent of the Nanumba Traditional Area and have subsequently refused to observe a custom which demands that butchers give a portion of their slaughter to the traditional ruler.

The death toll in the Bimbilla conflict was 19 after many more bodies were retrieved in bushes in the area. There was a lull in violence and in no time the conflict was resolved.But recently communal clashes has reared its ugly head again in northern Ghana. In 2017, tribal clashes between chiefs in Bambilla, a Discrit in Ghana’s Northern Region left scores dead, and dozens of injured.

Rampaging youths engaged the security agencies in a gun battle when they went to the area to restore calm. Some residents are said to have sought refuge at the Bimbilla police station since tension is still high despite the security presence.

2018-05-23 15.48.05.png
People flee as Ghana’s northern province descends into chaos.

2018-05-23 15.43.40.png

February 09, 2017

The Regent of Bimbilla enskinned a number of sub chiefs, a decision which did not go down well with the other rival royal faction at Bimbilla resulting in exchange of gun fires travelling deep into the night. At least 10 people were killed while about 11 others sustained injuries during the gun fires.

In January 2018

Three people were killed in Bimbilla in the Northern Region with eight others injured following an attack by unknown assailants.The incident occurred at night when the victims had finished with their evening Islamic prayers, and were seated at a known public place.

Ghanaian security operatives fire teargas canisters to dispell the crowd of rampaging youths.
2018-05-23 15.44.08.png
A number of youths are arrested .

According to eyewitnesses, two persons on a motorbike allegedly shot at them and sped off. It is unclear what may have triggered the shooting. A week before a pregnant woman was shot dead, while her 14-year-old daughter was left injured after an unknown assailant opened fire on them.

2018-05-23 15.44.27.png
A MOWAG APC deployed by Ghana’s security operatives

The incident led to a reprisal attacks, with  sporadic shootings in some parts of the troubled town of Bimbilla. The area has for several months been under a 4:00 pm to 6:00am curfew.

In another incident, a late night sporadic gun attack on residents in the Northern Region town of Bimbilla has claimed at a dozen lives and critically injured scores.

Eyewitnesses say the shooting started at about 9 pm on Thursday and was directed at a group of people going about their business. The shooting reportedly forced the residents to flee the scene to their homes. nine people with gunshots wounds were admitted into a hospital.

West Africa has outstripped East and North Africa in violence and is on track to rival the Middle East in the ferocity and frequency of socio-political unrest.  As the region descends into chaos it will become hard not to justify the presence of foreign military bases.

Ghana is already the only Anglophone country in Africa that has opened its doors to the United States Air Force.  With a surge in secterian clashes in Ghana, its only a matter of time before American military footprint in Ghana spikes.





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