The Mi-35 Makes its Debut.

The newly acquired Mi-35 helicopter gunships makes its debut by unleashing an astonishing array of firepower on Boko Haram insurgents.

On May 15, a Nigerian reconnaissance aircraft spotted cluster of Boko Haram fighters and relayed target coordinates to the Nigerian Air Force, who then deployed the helicopters to neutralize the target. This happened in Camp 9, 7km southeast of Borno state.

On approaching the target, the Mi-35 helicopters split up and unleashed a barrage of rocket and cannon attack on the camp in a triangulated circle from multiple angles in rapid succession, dashing any hopes for a lucky escape.

Check out @NigAirForce’s Tweet:

The footage of the attack was captured by the helicopters airborne camera, indicating the destruction of the target as the structures within the Boko Haram camp was engulfed in flames, while all the terrorist within the camp secured a first class ticket to the afterlife.




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