Nigerian Soldiers Storm Cameroon.

Relations between Cameroon and her brotherly and neighbouring country, Nigeria, is soaring not only at political and economic levels but also in military cooperation. A contingent of the Nigerian Army will take part in this year’s celebrations of the National Day parade on the invitation of President Paul Biya.

The 2018 edition (46th) of the National Day of Cameroon promises to be special in various dimensions. One of the special touch will be the participation of the Nigerian military contingent that will be taking part in the military parade at the May 20 National day celebrations in Yaounde. The contingent will be participating at the event on the invitation of the President of the Republic, Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces, Paul Biya.

The last time the Nigerian Military Contingent participated in the military parade of Cameroon’s National Day celebration was in 2013. Reports from Abuja, Nigeria’s capital indicate that the soldiers of the 7th Guard Battalion (Guard Brigade) of the Nigerian Army who will be dispatched to Yaounde are enthusiastic and joyous to participate in the military parade.

According to Lieutenant Colonel M.S. Daroda, Commander of the military continent, they soldiers are excited and are looking forward to take part in the May 20 National Day event in Yaounde, where President Paul Biya will personally preside over the Military and civilian parade.

The participation of the Nigeria soldiers translate the cordial and friendly bilateral military cooperation between both neighbouring countries. Their participation at the 20th May celebrations according to sources, is only one aspect of the rich and diverse military cooperation.

Colonel Roger Kuitcheu, Cameroon’s military attaché in Nigeria says the two security forces have been working together for a long time. The main impact of their military cooperation is the exchange of training programmes. He stated that there are so many Cameroonians who have graduated from the National Defence College and from the Junior Staff College as well as from the Senior Defence College and the National Defence Academy of Nigeria.

Apart from training cooperation, the two countries’ military cooperation is also manifested in the fight against the Boko Haram terrorist sect in the Lake Chad Basin. This collaboration through the Multinational Joint Task Force of the Lake Chad Basin Commission has yielded significant and positive results in the fight against the terrorist sect.

Cameroon and Nigeria security cooperation has also been seen in the protection of the borders and the joint efforts are coordinated by the Cameroon-Nigeria Mixed Commission which has as main objective trans-border security.

This cooperation has also recorded resounding successes with the eradication of maritime piracy in the Bakassi Peninsular in the South West Region. The two countries have a binding trans-border security agreement signed recently. It should be noted that the two Heads of States Presidents Paul Biya of Cameroon and Muhammadu Buhari if Nigeria have also exchanged top level visits to intensify their cooperation in all facets of national life.

Source : CameroonInfo


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