Cameroon Air Force Airdrop Capability Demonstration.

The Cameroon Air Force airdrop capability demonstration. The mission objective was to display Cameroons Air Force combat aerial resupply by way from high altitude. The capabilities of precision airdrops are an integral part of the logistics chain. Often times, ensuring ground forces have the right supplies exactly when and where they need it can be just as important as putting a bomb on target. It all boils down to helping the guys in the ground.

2018-05-21 17.44.38.png

2018-05-21 17.25.30

2018-05-21 17.24.55

2018-05-21 17.27.29

2018-05-21 17.30.11

2018-05-21 17.28.23

2018-05-21 17.33.02

2018-05-21 17.31.26

2018-05-21 17.43.54.png

2018-05-21 17.30.42

2018-05-21 17.31.01


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