Say Hello to Africa’s Best Purpose Built City.

The City of Abuja is generally regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Africa. The planning and infrastructure reflects Nigeria’s first attempt at modernization.

How did the Abuja come about?

For the Federal Government to appear legitimate,the capital city was moved from the coastal city of Lagos in the coastal South, to a more centralised and neutral part of the country.

Following the doorstep of Brasilia, the Brazilian masterplan, the Nigerian government built an entire city from scratch in just under 15 years in the 1980’s.  The city was conceptualized in the late 70s and built in the 80s. By 1993, the relocation of thousands of government workers to the newly built administrative capital began in earnest.

Nigeria is the only black country in modern history to build an entire city from scratch. The regional economic and political bloc, ECOWAS is headquartered in Abuja.

Abuja is one of the three unofficial key capital on the African continent due to Nigeria’s geo-political influence in regional affairs. Abuja is also a conference centre and hosts various meetings annually, such as the 2003 Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting and the 2014 World Economic Forum (Africa) meetings.

The hardest thing about listing 50 reasons why Abuja is the best black built city in the world is trimming it down. After a lot of sieving, here’s what we’re left with :


Abujas parks are known for having everything, from beautiful waterworks, to family camping, outdoor fitness, Abuja takes park-side entertainment to a new level.

Millennium Park Abuja.

Millennium Park, Abuja. One of the largest parks in Abuja with its serene environment, the park is the perfect choice when looking for a place for picnic, dog walking or bird watching.

2018-05-15 21.17.30
The most beautiful public park in West Africa.
2018-05-15 21.16.30
The most beautiful public park in West Africa.
2018-05-15 21.03.57
The most beautiful public park in West Africa.

Wonderland Amusement Park and Resort.

Wonderland Amusement Park and Resort. This was built in 2007 celebration of march 1st. It is notable as biggest and most equipped amusement park in Nigeria.

2018-05-15 21.07.07
The biggest amusement park in Nigeria.
2018-05-15 21.06.13
The biggest amusement park in Nigeria.

Eden Parks and Gardens

Well known as a venue for leisure and recreation, Eden Parks and Gardens is one of the most glamorous relaxation spots in the city.

2018-05-15 21.05.31
Eden Parks and Gardens.
2018-05-15 21.04.52
Eden Park and Gardens.
2018-05-23 01.14.07.png
People come in come to be entertained by the sights and the events sure to be happening every day.


Abuja’s architecture showcases Nigeria’s first real attempt at creating a world class city. Many of the city’s boroughs reveal different stages of Abuja’s development; a mixture of modernist architecture, popular and horizontal housing and mirrored skyscrapers. The particularities of these structures distinguish them from the architecture found in other parts of the Nigeria, whether because of their history, their social function or their architectonic solutions.


The Abuja National Mosque is one of the City’s iconic landmark. Built in 1984 its one of the most beautiful mosque in the world. It’s situated on Independence Avenue, across from the National Christian Centre.It includes a library and a conference room.

2018-05-18 03.19.12.png

2018-05-18 01.12.44.png

National Ecumenical Centre Abuja (National Church of Nigeria)

This Victorian Gothic style incorporates flamboyant elements such as finials and lancet windows. This lends the church an air of the old architecture although it’s still very much a new building.

The National Church of Nigeria operates a church service every Sunday. And when it is not being used for any religious purpose, it is open to tourists who come to have a glance at the elaborate designs and furnishings in the church, such as the rotating pulpit.

2018-05-23 01.28.30

2018-05-23 03.12.09

2018-05-23 03.11.37


This magnificent edifice is the headquarters of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. Nigeria’s petroleum industry is the biggest in Africa, with a stagering 40 billion barrels in proven oil reserve.

2018-05-23 01.30.12


Behind the walls of this magnificent structure lies the heart of one Africa’s biggest Central Banks. It houses the nations dollar reserves. As of this writing Nigeria Foreign Reserve stands at $47 Billion.

2018-05-18 01.20.53

2018-05-18 01.20.27


In 2001 there were 350,000 telephone lines in a country of 150 million people. Fast forward today there are 160 million registered telephone lines in a country of 180 million people. This gives Nigeria one of the world’s fastest growing telecoms market, and a telephone density that is nearing saturation point.

The NCC is charged with the responsibility of regulating the supply of telecommunications services and facilities, promoting competition, and setting performance standards for telephone services in Nigeria.

2018-05-23 01.27.17.png

2018-05-18 01.38.27



The Abuja World Trade Centre can be compared to similar centres in Berlin, Dubai and New York. This ultra modern building is without peer in the region.

2018-05-18 01.56.46

2018-05-23 01.10.42.png

2018-05-18 01.57.59

2018-05-18 01.57.27

2018-05-23 01.11.40

2018-05-23 01.21.13

2018-05-23 01.26.52


Abuja boasts some of the best quality road networks in the world.  The city is connected via an elaborate network of roads, expressways and of recent metrolines. Not bad for a city that was built from scratch in the 80s.

2018-05-23 01.12.01

2018-05-23 01.19.25

2018-05-23 01.21.52

2018-05-23 01.25.56

2018-05-23 01.12.27

2018-05-23 01.23.03

2018-05-23 01.23.31

2018-05-23 01.24.17

2018-05-23 01.24.45

2018-05-23 01.25.12

2018-05-23 01.28.54

2018-05-18 03.29.18

2018-05-18 02.32.14

2018-05-18 02.31.42

2018-05-18 02.32.50


Abuja is home to one of the most beautiful football stadiums in the world, the 65,000 capacity Abuja National Staduim. Not bad for an African country.

2018-05-18 02.34.36
The 65,000 capacity Abuja National Staduim.
2018-05-23 01.28.02
The 65,000 capacity Abuja National Staduim.
2018-05-23 01.10.18
Abuja astrodome.

IBB International Golf and Country Club

IBB International Golf and Country Club is bisected by a number of streams, ponds and lakes with about 25 bridges. It is one of the most beautiful parkland courses in sub-Saharan Africa. The golf course occupies a total area of approximately 101 hectares and the playing distance of 6,098 metres.

2018-05-23 01.17.23

2018-05-23 01.13.46

2018-05-23 03.49.44

2018-05-23 03.49.15

2018-05-23 03.48.30


2018-05-23 01.09.07

2018-05-23 01.11.18

2018-05-18 02.41.58

2018-05-23 01.09.07

2018-05-23 01.18.37

2018-05-23 01.25.33

2018-05-23 01.26.20

2018-05-23 01.20.52.png

2018-05-23 01.09.31.png


2018-05-23 01.16.39




2018-05-23 01.23.52

2018-05-23 01.16.14

2018-05-23 01.13.23


Abuja has an expanding network of commuter rail service that connects the city to other cities in northern Nigeria.






2018-05-18 03.07.31

2018-05-18 03.09.34

2018-05-18 02.43.22

2018-05-18 02.43.48

2018-05-18 02.48.15

2018-05-18 02.44.312018-05-18 02.35.13

2018-05-18 03.07.49

2018-05-18 03.09.02

2018-05-18 03.06.36







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