Say Hello to the NA Special Mobile Force.


In 2017 the Nigerian Army inaugurated the special mobile strike Force, at Maimalari Cantonment, in line with the new doctrine evolved by the army to end insurgency and enhance security network in the region.

Soldiers selected are those that have been exposed to modern terrorism combat techniques to enable them to crush the insurgents. These are special forces troops used as nothing more than elite assault infantry for direct action missions.

2018-05-03 13.00.41.png

This specially selected force is armed with a mix of equipments and weapons to enable it independently carry out long-range patrols and ambush deep into the hinterlands. With mixed equipment and platforms were deployed to achieve the conduct of long range patrols and ambush deep into the hinterlands.

Men of the Special Mobile Strike Force mount the rotary gun turret platform of an MRAP.

2018-05-03 13.02.28

This new Special Forces detachment are tasked to conduct guerrilla warfare against Boko Haram. The unit would first conduct sabotage attacks on vital targets such as logistics vehicles, fuel dumps, communications, petroleum oil and lubricant to keep Boko Haram Hilux trucks grounded.

Once a camp has been infiltrated thru can call on the heavy pounders stationed 24/7 around the theater of operation and relay target coordinates.  Giving enemy insurgents little warning to leave their camp, go underground and slip into the forest.

A Palmaria 155 Self Propelled Howitzer.
2018-05-03 13.23.05.png
A Palmaria 155 Self Propelled Howitzer.




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