Say Hello to the 9K114 Shturm Anti-Tank Missile

The 9K114 Shturm is an anti-tank missile system employed by the Nigerian army (used in the ML-TB Infantry Fighting Vehicles) and the Nigerian Air Force (used on Mi-35 Helicopter Gunships). The 9M114 was designed to provide attack helicopters and tracked amoured personnel carrier) with a more capable anti-tank missile.

It has a long sleek cylindrical body with wrap around fins at the rear. The warhead is located at the front, followed by the guidance section with small control vanes and the solid fuel sustainer and small booster stage at the rear.

Newly delivered Mi-35 helicopter gunships on display during the induction ceremony. As part of a comprehensive modernization program, the NAF ordered 13 Mi-35 helicopter gunships in late 2016.
Added to a pre-existing existing number of  between six to eight Mi-35 in service ( not counting Mi-24 helicopters), gives Nigeria a fleet of 21 of the newest Mi-35 Hind helicopter gunship in sub-sahara Africa, second only to Algeria.

The missile is stored and launched from a plastic container. The Nigerian army mechanised battalion uses a VHF radio command link for guidance, while the Mi-35 helicopter guidiance consists of a daylight only sighting system with laser range finder and also a VHF radio link.


Bested only by the AR-1 missile used by the CH-3 Rainbow attack drone, the Shturm 9K114 outclasses every other anti-tank missile in the Nigerian military inventory in range, penetration and accuracy.

An MT-LB tracked amoured personnel carrier launches an 9K114 Shturm is an anti-tank missile system. The Shturm has a thermobaric version for amoured vehicles.

The missiles penetrates about 560mm RHA and has a maximum range in excess of 7 km and penetrates 600 to 650 mm RHA. A thermobaric version is used in the ML-TB Infantry Fighting Vehicle.


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