Say Hello to Lagos’s New World Class Bus Terminals Designs.

Africa has continued to be looked down upon by the Western powers. Negative perceptions and representations such as civil wars, hunger, corruption, greed, selfishness, diseases, poverty, and the like have been the defining characters of Africa and the Africans in the minds of many Western people.

Success stories in Africa doesn’t interest any media. They are so eager and hungry for horrible stories from Africa. Why? It looks like the West is the hyena, feeding on the misery of the African people. They should be ashamed doing this.

This dogmatic approach by Western media has pigeonholed Africa as a dark continent.

In as much that African has its own good and bad stories just like other continents, however; some countries in Africa are still making progress economically. No where is this more evident than in Nigeria, and no city is this more evident than in Africa’s largest city -Lagos.

Population : 22 million.

GDP : $95 billion .

The economy of Lagos is the least dependent on Federal accruing. It houses major international, corporations,commercial banks, and is the Telecommunications and ICT hub of West Africa.

City infrastructure plays an important role when multinationals decide where to establish locations abroad and send expatriate workers, hence being an FDI reliant State, its no surprise the city is leading Nigeria’s  infrastructural  revolution. Cities springing out of the Atlantic, bridges, ports, roads, light rail systems,….and now even bus terminals.

Nigeria’s president was in Lagos this week to commission the world class Ikeja Bus Terminal. A week before the President was in Kaduna to commission a new train station, before that a new Light Rail in Abuja, before that Calabar, before that Port Harcourt. The recent announcement of the one week vacation may not be unconnected to the hectic activity flying round the Federation commissioning new infrastructure almost on a bi-weekly basis.


This iconic terminal is designed to change the face of public transportation and it will convey more than 70,000 passengers daily to over 22 destinations across the State.

The facility, which is sitting on 10,000 square metres land space is equipped with Intelligent Transport System (ITS), Fully Air-conditioned Terminal, Food Court, Shops, Toilets, ATM Gallery, Free Wi-Fi, Electronically Controlled shades, among others.

What’s more, this facility was conceptualized, designed and constructed by a local construction firm and will be duplicated in all of Lagos as the new standard bus terminals.

2018-04-18 02.30.30.png

2018-04-18 02.34.47.png

2018-04-18 02.04.24


2018-04-18 02.04.52

2018-04-18 01.30.36

2018-04-18 02.10.43.png

2018-04-18 02.35.18.png


2018-04-18 02.11.03.png

2018-04-18 02.20.53.png



2018-04-18 01.26.09

2018-04-18 01.29.41

2018-04-18 01.29.15


2018-04-18 02.34.19.png


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