Nigeria’s Huge Opportunity : Britannia Phasing Out its Tornado Jets.

The Royal Air Force is phasing out its fleet of 40 year old Tornado fighter jets as the Island nation plan to use the Eurofighter Typhoons and Lockheeds F-35 to absorb missions flown by the Tornadoes.

Britannia has a large number of airframes left in storage in a variety of conditions. Now, Nigeria’s effort to acquire phased out Israeli Cobra attack helicopters was torpedoed by the U.S because the Cobra is essentially an American made aircraft. The Tornado was borne out of a tri-national cooperation between Germany, Italy and Britannia. Nigeria’s relations with Britannia is historic, we are after all a Common Wealth member state.

Its such a shame that these retired aircrafts will be a very valuable source of spare parts to the Lufthwaffe. But it doesn’t have to be that way. All Nigeria has to do is take the first official step to purchasing used fighter jets from the Royal Air Force. To know if the request will be consideted or not, Abuja has to submit formal expression of interest to London.

Lacking in any credible air defense network, Nigeria needs an interim, high speed fighter to supplement its fleet of less than ten F-7Ni as high speed interceptors, as nobody knows if the JF-17 aquisition deal gas been scuttled or not.

The Tornado is a formidable fighter that suites Nigeria air defence needs.

The Tornado has a bad ass retro feel.
Panavia Tornado (2).jpg
A Saudi Air Force Tornado lifts off.


This is what you want as a high speed interceptor.

The Panavia Tornado was developed jointly by the UK, Germany and Italy to primarily fly low and fast, avoiding Soviet air defences. It was even much later that its bombing capacity was developed. This is what you want as a high speed interceptor.


This versatile aircraft can carry out a variety of missions, depending of course on the infrastructure on ground.

Air Defense

The British use the Tornado to intercept Russian bombers.


Can be equipped with Reconnaissance Airborne Pods, a sensor that is capable of taking highly detailed images day or night. Useful in COIN roles.

Interdictor/Strike (IDS)

Think about the Alpha Jet on steroids. Its their utility in ground attack roles has been proven in Iraq.






2 Replies to “Nigeria’s Huge Opportunity : Britannia Phasing Out its Tornado Jets.”

  1. it seems like an overkill for COIN.

    our government doesn’t care about interceptors

    at 40 years old… those airframes have little service life to offer. if the Britscould do a total overhaul to give it some more years of service.

    personally, I believe it could replace our F-7s on a one on one basis.


  2. The saudis are phasing out their tornadoes also.
    However, knowing our leaders who are as patriotic as their stomachs, they wouldn’t want to spend the money involved.
    These guys are only excited to spend money , when it is being embezzled.

    The F-5 already retired by the saudis, or the Jaguar that the British has also retired would probably be more our speed.

    But I still haven’t seen the visionary and the proactive leadership it requires to do any of these in NAF.

    Trump has told them, that he is ready to do business, and he doesn’t care what the business killing US congress says about our human rights.
    But what have we done with that ? Nigeria is literally being overrun by herdsmen. We are also been outgunned and outmaneuvered by bhts.



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