Abuja Metro Light Rail is First of its Kind.

Rail infrastructure in Nigeria has entered a new era with the opening of Light Rail systems across the country.

Since 2010 Nigeria has been embarking on the largest infrastructure project in the modern history of black Africa. The country’s recent amazing feat in the area of Space, construction and telecoms bears testament to the country’s real attempts to transit from a resource based economy to a manufacturing and consumers based economy.

Infrastructure means connectivity like road, rail, ports and telecommunications. These are basic to economic development and growth. With connectivity the economy will open to outside world, trade and commerce will flourish. With connectivity industries will be established as labour and capital will flow from surplus regions to connected and developing areas.

Nigeria leads West Africa in infrastructure investment. No area is this visible than Nigeria’s expanding rail infrastructure. Nigeria now recognizes that a modern economy runs on reliable roads and rails, and telecommunications, hence Nigeria’s goal is to bring the entire nation’s rail infrastructure up to the level of infrastructure in a middle-income country, while using increasingly efficient transport logistics to tie the country together.

A new 45 kilometre long Abuja Light Rail was officially opened to the public yesterday. The project was actually ready since December last year, but was held up at the Abuja airport, where there was a need for the train station and the terminal to be in place for the train to run.

The light rail is also touted for its uniqueness as the first rail in the country without pedestrian crossing. It will pass through about 12 satellite towns and boost economic activities along the corridor of Gwagwa, Kalgoni, DeiDei, Kubwa, Kokoaba, Asa and Dasonga, among others.

2018-04-15 22.33.43

2018-04-15 22.32.36

2018-04-15 22.34.54

2018-04-15 22.38.39

2018-04-15 22.43.11

2018-04-15 22.37.21

2018-04-15 22.39.03

2018-04-15 23.18.26.png

2018-04-15 22.36.59

2018-04-15 22.35.40

2018-04-15 22.38.15

2018-04-15 22.33.01

2018-04-15 22.36.03

2018-04-15 22.34.24

2018-04-15 22.33.22

2018-04-15 22.37.47

2018-04-15 22.36.32

2018-04-15 23.22.27.png

2018-04-15 22.40.18

2018-04-15 22.42.25

2018-04-15 23.20.45.png

2018-04-15 22.43.48

2018-04-15 22.42.44


2018-04-15 22.43.31

2018-04-15 22.39.54

2018-04-15 22.38.15




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