I would not suggest a hotel room in Syria tonight near any military installation.

World leaders have been United in their strong reaction to Tuesday’s chemical weapons attack in Syria. The countdown towards a U.S military strike against Bashar al-Assad’s regime has begun.

The US and Russia, the world’s two most powerful militaries and biggest nuclear powers, appear set to clash over a chemical weapons attack in Syria as President Donald Trump tells Russia to “get ready” for a US missile strike.

“Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and ‘smart!’ You shouldn’t be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!”

– Trump tweeted.

Trump’s tweet appeared to respond to a Russian diplomat threatening a counter-attack against planned US military action against the Syrian regime, which the US accuses of carrying out several chemical weapons attacks on its own people.

Here is a look at some assets the U.S military could use in the offensive.

The United States fields the most advanced aerial attack platforms known to man. America’s lead in stealth technology is just…ridiculous.



America has a 20 years lead in the area of stealth technology. While Russia still struggles with its PAK-FA program, the U.S F-22 Raptor has been in service for 20 years.

Guided missile destroyers USS Donald Cook left port at Larnaca, Cyprus on Monday and is already within easy striking range of Syria.

An Arleigh Burke class DDG fires of an SM2 missile.

Additionally the amphibious transport ship USS New York is underway to the Mediterranean.

The U.S Navy also has eight submarines deployed globally. Their location is a tightly held secret, but if one is in the Mediterranean it could be used in a cruise missile strike.

America’s cruise missile submarines is Washington’s most lethal weapon of war. These stealthy SSGNs can get closer to enemy coastlines without being detected, enabling them to hit targets further inland and to deliver a massive missile strike, while exposing themselves far less than a surface ship or aerial strike package.

If the Pentagon decides to use manned aircrafts and drones, the U.S military has an intricate infrastructure in place in the region.


2018-04-10 18.10.22.png
Rafale fighter jets in Mali. France is the only country in Western Europe to independently develop and build its own fighter jets. This bears testament to France’s remarkable defense industry.

There are Rafale and Mirage fighter jets in West Africa. France could also launch Rafale fighter jets from French soil and use aerial refuelling to get them to their target.

Another possibility is launching strikes from French frigates equipped with cruise missiles. France permanently has such a ship in the eastern meditaranean.


Royal Air Force Tornadoe GR8 Interdictor strike aircraft taxi for take off. There was a time Britannia led the world in nearly all aspect of defense technology. Britain was the first to develop and build radars, it had a ten year lead in carrier aviation, led the world in VSTOL technology and built the first fighter jet able to take off and land like a helicopter.  Sadly for some reason Britain chose to destroy its very advanced innovative industry in favour of a service based economy.




Britannia has established a heavy military presence in the Syrian region. As of February z2018, Britain has conducted  1,700 air strikes against ISIS targets in Syria and Iraq from the Royal Air Force base in Akrotiri, Cyprus.

But Russia won’t make it easy

Russia produces the best air defense systems in the world. Russia is a good 20 years ahead of the world when it comes surface to air missile technology.
The S-400 Russia has deployed in Syria is one scary piece of equipment. Its capable of destroying airborne targets as far as 250 miles away, at speeds that are just….ridiculous.

Syrian government forces are a different level of target to most US foes. Unlike ISIS fighters or Taliban militants, the Syrian government is backed by heavy Russian air defenses. This is where U.S F-22 fighters will make a strategic difference.

On the April 7 strike, it was US Navy ships which fired the missiles. If Russia were to retaliate against a US Navy ship with its own heavy navy presence in the region, the escalation would likely resemble an all-out war.

Vladimir Shamanov, a retired general who heads the defense affairs committee in Russia’s lower house of parliament, would not rule out the use of nuclear weapons in an escalation with the US over Syria, saying only that it was “unlikely,” .

Currently, the US has destroyer ships in the region, the New as well as heavy air power at military bases around the region. While Russian air defenses seem credible on paper, they seem to have done nothing to stop repeated Israeli air strikes all around Syria.

U.S and Russia military superpower status on the line .

On both the Western and Russian sides of the conflict, credibility is on the line. The leaders of the US and France have explicitly warned against chemical weapons use, saying they will respond with force.

Russia has acted as a guarantor of Syria’s safety in the face of possible Western intervention, but has found itself undermined by several strikes from the US and Israel.

An outright war with the US would call Russian President Vladimir Putin’s bluff and betray his true aim of projecting power at low cost, while destroying much of his military.

Additionally, Syria, backed by Russia, has struggled to beat lightly-armed rebels who have lived under almost nonstop siege for the past seven years. A face of with the U.S, France and Britannia will not end well for Russia’s limited forces in the region.

For the US and France, failure to meaningfully intervene in the conflict would expose them as powerless in the face of Russian aggression, and unable to abate the suffering in Syria even with strong political will.

For now, the world has gone eerily quiet in anticipation of possible fighting.

God help us.



4 Replies to “I would not suggest a hotel room in Syria tonight near any military installation.”

  1. I pray we find away round this, but I am strongly of the opinion that Trump will order the launch of AGMs , Tomahawks or ‘smatter missiles’. Unlike Obama, Trumps does not joke with ‘Red lines’. The US , although far ahead in stealth technology, would not want to risk its F-22 Raptors or the very expensive F-35 Lighting against the Russian S-400 Triumf.Surface to Air Missile. Legacy fighters like the F-15 Falcon or the F16 Eagle don’t stand a chance against the ‘layered Air Defense system Russia has installed in Syria.

    The deployment of DDG Donald Cook and other Arleigh Burke destroyes might just be a ‘feign’ while the ‘real deal’ comes from any of the four Ohio Class Attack submarine each of which can lauch 144 Tomahawk Land Attack Cruise Missiled at targets a 1,000 km away while submerged. This will make it a lot more difficult for Russian forces to locate the lauch platforms talk less of attacking it.

    Trumps credibility is on the line here. He has spent the better part of his tenure so far telling everybody who cares to listen how ‘Lilly livered’ Obama was and how ‘very tough’ he is compared to past presidents. He demonstrated it last year by hitting Syria with 50+ missiles, by dropping MOAB on Talibans in Afghanistan, by threatening North Koreas Kim Jung Um with ‘fire and brimstone’, imposing tarriff on imports from China, and giving Taiwan the blueprints for building submarines. Trump is likely to follow through UNLESS something happens. If he doesn’t , more actors (state and non-state) will be encouraged to develop,acquire and use Chemical weapons and American allies might loose confidence in her. Putin will also be hard pressed to retaliate to convince Syria and Iran that Russian s a dependable Ally.

    It’s not a nice period for humanity.


    1. Putin played Obama. The truth is there is actually nothing Russia could have done if Obama had gone ahead with the strikes! But Putin played it perfectly well, at the end Obama looked weak. Those S-400 Truimf cannot stop the United States. Sure Putin can get away with his hard line rhetoric because the political system in Russia allows for it. If a U.S President utters a fraction of what Putin says the lame Liberal media will light their hair on fire screaming Armageddon.

      Can you count how many Russian jets have been shut down over Syria? Those tomahawk cruise missile attack simply took a different trajectory, bypassing those S-400 SAMS by flying low at sea skimming height round Syria, then popped up in Turkey via the backdoor and hitting Sharyte air base. Israel carries out several air strikes on Syrian targets, those S-400 are being defeated by legacy fighters. Stands no chance with the F-22. If Russia attacks , the United States will destroy all of Russia’s assets in Syria. The Russians are not stupid, they know it.


    1. Haha why am I not surprised. Putin opened his hand by bragging about the SAMS and threatening to sink a U.S Destroyer. Americans are good at bypassing enemy air defenses.


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