The Maginot Line of Cameroon.

To deal with the growing waves of suicide attacks, authorities in Cameroon decided to dig a massive defense mechanism. This task fell on the Rapid Intervention Brigade, the elite unit of the Cameroon army. They dug a trench that will run for about 100 kilometres, to keep Boko Haram from advancing.

Measuring four metres wide and three metres deep, its the latest anti-terror defense mechanism devised by the Rapid Intervention Brigade.

2018-04-10 14.36.23

2018-04-10 14.25.36

2018-04-10 14.24.47

2018-04-10 14.26.40

2018-04-10 14.27.11

2018-04-10 14.27.42

2018-04-10 14.28.27

2018-04-10 14.29.39

2018-04-10 14.31.12

2018-04-10 14.32.32

2018-04-10 14.33.44

Real time monitoring systems and radars will be installed and controlled from this facility nearby.

2018-04-10 14.34.28

2018-04-10 14.34.53

2018-04-10 14.35.17

The Cameroonians take the security of their country very serious.


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