Where is Mr Gnoti?

In early 2014 several Nigerian Air Force jets were shot down for the very first time. In one such incident, an Alpha jet was shot down by Boko Haram. The pilot was captured and subsequently beheaded. Boko Haram released a video showing the wreckage of an Alpha jet, claiming to have brought down the Alpha jet.

The Nigerian government refuted claims by Boko haram to have shot down the plane, insisted the plane was brought down from mechanical failure, not by anti-aircraft.

The statement was not an attempt to mislead or a coverup, nobody believed Boko Haram had anti-aircraft weapons capable of bringing down a jet at such distances. Mr Maharat Bichara Gnoti changed all that.

In November 2014, Mr Mahamat Bichara Gnoti, a close aid of Chadian strongman Idris Derby was arrested on the Chadian-Sudan border with 19 SAM2 missiles he purchased from the Sudanese army meant for the Boko Haram terrorist network in northeast Nigeria.
Mr. Gnoti who claimed that President Idriss Déby gave him the funds to purchase the weapons, had waved a presidential pass issued to him by Mr. Deby’s office in order to get past border guards, but they insisted on searching him and was arrested by the guards who found the deadly weapons on him.

Mr Gnoti, who was caught with Chadian president’s presidential Pass permit, confessed that the funds for the procurement was released to him by Chadian president, Idris Derby.

The US government under President Barack Obama was silent, preferring to know the true situation of things before commenting.
However, the arrest of Mr. Gnoti is  solid evidence that the Chadian president is largely behind the Boko Haram lightning insurgency in Nigeria’s northwest.

And what is the reaction of the Nigerian government? NO RESPONSE !!

This happening just months after the same Idris Derby swindled the Nigerian government  of N2.5 billion in a fake ceasefire deal that was nothing more than a ploy to buy time for Boko Haram to leak its wounds reinforce it ranks, which itself is akin to a declaration or war.

Five months after this incident  President Goodluck Jonathan made a shameful visit to N’djamena to meet with Idris Derby, Mr. Jonathan. The open embrace of individuals funding Boko Haram militants shows Nigeria as nation is run by the most incompetent, unqualified and corrupt set of people that ever walked the surface of the earth.


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