Say Hello to Nigeria’s Tank Destroyer : The Panhard ERC-90.

The Panhard ERC-90 is an armoured six wheeled highly mobile, amphibious and an all terrain fire support vehicle and is armed with a 90 mm gun. The Nigerian army currently operates 80 Panhard ERC-90.

The vehicle is basically a tank destroyer, but since Nigeria is the only country with an armoured brigade in the region, it uses the ERC-90 primarily to carry out tactical reconnaissance, fire support of combat units and territorial defence task. The vehicle is able to cover large swathes of land, or just to go seek out the enemy.

2018-04-07 02.29.10.png


The vehicle can escort convoys and be used for long road patrol missions. When on a reconnaissance mission, the versatility of the vehicle means it can quickly change roles very quickly. It’s speed with its wheels gives it quite a bit of punch. Once the enemy is found this vehicle can actually engage them and continue in its reconnaissance mission. It can potentially engage heavily armoured targets and continue rolling looking for more.

The ERC-90 operate alongside medium brigades and associate combats vehicles. The vehicle provides the same fire power as other man battle tanks such as the Vickers and T-55. It is fitted with a long barrel F4 90mm smooth bore cannon developed by GIAT. The F4 90mm could fire APFSDS (Armour Piercing Fin Stabilised Discarding Sabot) rounds that can penetrate heavy armour at 2000 metres.

2018-04-07 02.28.15.png

2018-04-07 02.29.55.png

Unlike in track vehicles, firing a 90mm gun on a wheeled vehicle produces quite a rocky sensation on the vehicle, making firing accurately a challenge. To avoid the recoil from interfering with the firing of APFSDS rounds, the vehicle is fitted with a muzzle brake designed from the AMX-13 tank. The ERC-90 can engage a target 30 seconds after spotting it. It has a 7.62mm machine gun.


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