Say Hello to Africa’s Biggest Infrastructural Project.

The Eko Atlantic city project is arguably the biggest infrastructural project in the Africa. It dwarfs Egypt’s Suez canal and South Africa’s Gauntrain projects in scale.  It dwzffs

EKO Atlantic city is a multi-billion dollar project of Nigeria’s future which is spearheaded by a ground breaking idea to reclaim land lost to the sea, transforming it into a futuristic new waterfront 21st Century city in par with Dubai.

2018-04-04 13.31.44.png
Rendition of Eko Atlantic city

The epicentre of this new vision will be a financial hub for all of Africa that will put Eko Atlantic on a par with the world’s most established established financial centres.

2018-04-04 13.36.08.png
Rendition of Eko Financial District

The impressive and sweeping Eko boulevard will become Lagos’s answer to 5th Avenue New York, and house financial institutions.

2018-04-04 13.38.29
Rendition of Eko Boulevard in the Business District
2018-04-04 13.39.04
Rendition of Eko Boulevard in the Business District

The new hub will be set within a galaxy of new residential and commercial neighbourhoods, iconic buildings and leisure and retail spaces all supplied by state of the art purpose-built infrastructure.

2018-04-04 13.41.26
Rendition of commercial neighbourhoods 
2018-04-04 13.42.14
Rendition of commercial neighbourhoods 

Set like a jewel at the heart  of Eko Atlantic will be the Eko Pearl, a five tower residential complex rising majestically out of the virgin soil to gaze out across the Atlantic ocean.

2018-04-04 13.50.09
Rendition of the Pearl Towers.
2018-04-04 13.53.27
Rendition of the Pearl Towers.
2018-04-04 13.56.39
Rendition of the Pearl Towers.
2018-04-04 13.54.14
Rendition of the Pearl Towers.

Nestle alongside Eko Atlantic and perfectly setup to provide access to this new city and to wider Lagos, the Eko energy estate is a 450, 000 sqr metre expands in a prime location for access to both the new opportunities of Eko Atlantic and the fast developing potential of mainland Lagos.

2018-04-04 14.05.53.png
Rendition of Eko Energy Estate 

Behind the Eko energy estate project is a name synonymous with high-end future facing development and infrastructure projects is ORLEAN INVEST  AFRICA.

2018-04-04 14.05.08.png

In 25 years at the forefront of Nigeria’s economic advancement, ORLEAN has been responsible for a wealth of extraordinary projects, including the world’s biggest industrial free zone – the Onne Oil & Gas Free Zone.

2018-04-04 14.33.15
Lekki Free Zone, Lagos.
2018-04-04 14.34.12
Lekki Free Zone building.

2018-04-04 14.06.58.png

ORLEAN is a major partner in the BadagryMegaport and Lekki International Airport project, working behind the scene to deliver the new face of Lagos.

With the ORLEAN name and expertise behind it, combining secure state of the art facilities with an unparalleled location, Eko Energy Estate offers Nigerians a chance to live with First World infrastructure for the first time, joining South Africa as the only African countries boasting a city with first world infrastructure.

2018-04-04 14.10.26
Rendition Eko Energy Estate
2018-04-04 14.11.38
Rendition Rendition Eko Energy Estate

As the 5th largest economy in Africa, it is no surprise that Lagos, with a GDP larger than combined economies of East Africa’s two largest economy can pull of such a project independent of the nation’s treasury.



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