The Story of a Brave Nigerian Soldier Killed By Own Grenade

While we often witness horrifying stories about terrorist attacks and suicide bombers on the news, stories about brave soldiers are few and far between. Thu is not because there are no acts of heroism to report, but because Nigerian journalists can be lazy and averse to putting themselves in harm’s way to cover the war wffort. Besides, bad news makes for stronger headline.

Here however is the story of Major MN Hassan, nicknamed “Sarikin Yakin”-  meaning ” King of War”. Major MN Hassan was killed when a grenade he was carrying fell off and exploded, leaving him no chance of survival.

2018-03-31 15.54.44.png
Brave Nigerian Soldier Major ‘MM Hassan’, Who Was Killed by His Own Grenade
2018-03-31 15.54.18
Brave Nigerian Soldier Major ‘MM Hassan’, Who Was Killed by His Own Grenade.

He died on Friday, January 5, 2018, during Operation Deep Punch, an offensive against the Islamic sect Boko Haram in Damoboa, Borno State.

The terror group has been on the defensive following the renewed strenght of the Nigerian army which has since the beginning of the Buhari  administration taken the initiative in the campaign against the world’s  most barbaric deadliest terrorist group.

Recent exploits and individual cases of valour bears testament to the fact that the Nigerian army is full of exceptional soldiers fiercely dedicated to their service to the nation if given the right tools to fight. Corruption is still rife in the armed services, but at a vastly reduced level.

Contrast this to the previous administration where corruption was pervasive.Where army generals presided over the war effort from air conditioned officers in Abuja, rather than where the battle really is, feeding fat and accused of corruption by soldiers at the front, sitting over the soldiers and sentencing them, leading to zero morale among soldiers to fight and die for country.

It’s hard to think that was just three years ago. The decision to move the operational headquarters by President Buhari was the best decision he’s ever made. Nigerian soldiers today carry out their duties with passion. The show of commitment by Nigerian soldiers to his duty is indicative that not every security agent is corrupt and belligerent.

These dedicated men and women in service to the country are reason to nurse hope concerning then future of Nigeria which has been bedevilled by a long period of criminal and unqualified politicians that has mismanaged the affairs of the nation for far too long.


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