Deal With U.S Military Sets Off Angry Protests in Ghana.

Thousands of Ghanaians took to the streets of Accra on Wednesday to protest against a deal that would give the United States military an expanded role in Ghana. The detailed entailed the U.S investing $20 million in equipment and training of the Ghanaian mikitary, carrying out joint exercises and using Ghana’s radio channels and military runways.

Now the pattern is the same. First a seemingly harmless military partnership, then joint excises, then something happens necessitating the U.S deploying Reaper drones. This would be Americans very first foray into Anglophone West Africa.

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2018-03-29 18.18.01

Obviously the U.S now see the marked difference mentality between Francophone and Anglophone West Africa, the former suffering from mental slavery and anti-Anglophone indoctrination, the former true independent States, with independent foreign policies devoid of the influence of its former colonial master.

The actions taken by the Ghanaian people is worthy of commendation. The divide and conquer strategy employed to perfection in French West Africa will not find fertile ground in English West Africa, Emmanuel Macron found out the hard way months ago.

Ghana and Nigeria are the richest and most powerful of all ECOWAS member states. Together they can and should block every attempt by the powers that be to have a strategic foothold in ECOWAS. North Africa has basically been Middle East 0.2 since Western involvement. Just 5 days ago the U.S military carried out its first drone strike against Al Qaeda militants in southern Libya, signalling an expansion of the U.S military there.

In West Africa the U.S has invested nearly $500 million building drone bases in Niger and Cameroon. Anither $100 million drone base is being built in Agadez, Niger and will be complimented in May.

Ghana proved itself to be Nigeria’s staunchest ally when U.S President Donald Trump (who i love) was reported to have said Nigerians in America would never “go back totheir huts” in Africa. This remark prompted outrage in Ghana. President Nana Akufo Addo of Ghana reacted strongly to the disparaging remarks on Nigeria, saying :

” Ghana will not accept such insults against a fellow African country, no matter how powerful ”

Ghana is Africa’s most stable nation, and together with Nigeria is what stands between a Franco takeover of ECOWAS. An American military base in the most stable country in ECOWAS will be a big mistake.

Giving the United States access to Ghanaian radio frequencies and an airport runway, amongst other things will give the United States carte blanche to come in and act unrestricted in Ghana. Ghana is a middle-income prosperous and peaceful country and lacks the social upheaval found in other African countries.The country is basically capable of maintaining its own security. What security threat is Ghana facing that requires the establishment of an American military base?




2 Replies to “Deal With U.S Military Sets Off Angry Protests in Ghana.”

  1. Ghana is making a very grave mistake by allowing a US Base on her soil. What she will pay back will be in multiples of the $20MM that will be paid for the Base. That base will attract instability to Ghana like a magnet attracts iron filling. Spies from both friends and foes will flood Ghana. With its establishement will come oppression. What exactly is the security threat in Ghana that warrants this Base? Is there more to this than meet the eye?

    The US is keen on surrounding Nigeria with military bases for the war that is to come.

    So sad.


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