Say Hello to the Nigerian Army’s BTR-4 Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

Two Nigerian army BTR-4 Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

The BTR-4 Infantry Fighting Vehicle is designed to transport infantry or scouts with amour protection while providing cover fire to suppress enemy troops and armoured vehicles.

This infantry fighting vehicle fulfilled a Nigerian army requirement that began two years into the Boko Haram insurgency, calling for calling for a mechanized direct combat support vehicle to fight alongside other armoured personnel carriers.

Simply put, the BTR-4 provides the Nigerian army with mobility, firepower and protection for a complete infantry squared.

Working in combination with Vickers Main Battle Tanks, artillery and Mi-24/35 helicopter gunships, the BTR-4 significantly increases the ability of the army to deploy combat troops and deliver suppression fire anywhere on the battlefield simultaneously.


The primary weapon, its combat module mounted 30mm automatic cannon fire both amour piercing and high explosive rounds at rate of 300 rounds a minute, and an aim range between 2000-4000 metres.



A coaxial mounted 7.62mm coaxial machine gun provides effective anti-personnel fire for close in engagements.

Its to climb slopes with a bank angle of up to 25 degrees, climb vertical obstacle up to half metre high, and trenches of up to 2 metres wide.

It can cross any water obstacle and speeds of up to ten mp/h

The BTR-4- renders effective support to a motorized infantry squad with an automatic main gun, machine gun and a grenade launcher. It also lays a smoke screen.

It features an optical television sight with a laser range finder.
2018-03-25 01.17.40
It features an optical television sight with a laser range finder.

The crew compartment is coated with Kevlar for protection of the crew and equipment from projectile fragments.

The vehicle has three place for the crew and six for troops.

The commanders and drivers places are equipped with optical viewers and remote fire control devices.


The driver has vehicle control and instrumentation. 






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